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Friday, 2 March 2018

Understand something with your body

There are two kinds of understanding:

One is where someone said something, you understood it with your brain.

The other one is with your body.

P.S.  You understand you understand; you don't you don't. I"ll stop here. Have fun meditating over it during the weekend!


  1. You mean understand body language? :-)

    1. CW,

      No, not body language.

      When we had similar experiences with what someone has shared with us, this level of understanding permeates the whole body... All the way to the bones... Deep down.

      I'll give 2 examples to make it clearer:

      1) When our buddy shared with us how painful it is to get our "private member" caught in the zipper, we immediately can relate and even cringe as our bodies remember...

      But girls have no clue what talking us.

      2) Women can share with us their pains during natural child births, but we guys can only try to "empathise" with our brains. We "think" we understand...

      Only women who have natural child births themselves can understand with their bodies ;)

      I better stop so as not to give too many spoliers!

  2. Cognitive vs visceral

    Show durian photo to someone who has never tasted one before. Even with plenty of description his reaction will be meh...

    Show to me, I'll start salivating...

    Different types of knowledge are better retained by different methods. E.g. surgery, football etc are repeatedly practiced using kinesthetic methods to develop muscle memory, instinct, dexterity...

    Spur 😁

    1. Spur,

      You got me!

      I'm not surprised if sillyinvestor and unintelligent nerd would recognise I've swapped cognitive with "brain" and visceral with "body" ;)

      I was not expecting you!

      Can you share more about your background with us? The Johari Window thingy ;)

      You an educator too? Or you majored in psychology/sociology? Or you picked it up when you were a shepherd?

      If not convenient to share openly can email me privately at the bottom of my blog?

      Snake oil me better be careful I don't anyhow "smoke" others. Wait "bawu" kenna broken by dragons!


    2. Hi SMOL,

      .....And here I am thinking that you are referring to the concept of qualia from philosophy.

      Kinda same like how the biblical Adam know (γινώσκω) his wife.

    3. Unintelligent Nerd,

      That "qualia" too deep for me!

      I can only digest "simpler" and "broader" concepts like Metaphysics and Natural Science which I have at "My interests" tabs ;)

      I only at philosophy for dummies level. Can only smoke bei kambings - not specialist like you!

      I so shy...

  3. i found that learning by what U tell it is, cannot compare to what i figure out myself.

    The former i easily forget after sometime passed, the latter can even remember for life.

    It doesn't have to be a practical experience, U know.

    U explain to me how to read a BI i can understand but easily forget but if i figure out myself, it is for life.

    1. temperament,

      Yes. That's why we forget a lot we've read or listened at seminars or workshops. Just try to recall as a test!

      The things we remember well are those we can "understand with our bodies" ;)

      That meant you have either experienced a similar epiphany, or like what you've shared, figured things out for yourself!


  4. Hi all,

    Our bodies also tell us when to stop when there is a telltale sign of danger. One example will be running.


    1. Ben,

      Or to take a stand and face the danger head-on like a man ;)

      There is a time to flee; there is a time to fight!

    2. That's why never ignore what your body tells U.
      Time to eat, time rest, time to WC, ......etc...
      Ignore at your own risk is real.

    3. temperament,

      Man for centuries thought feelings and emotions came from the heart.

      When we meet someone for the first time, like don't like we can feel it with our body.

      Its like this when I do my weekend sales. Some customers just turn me off with their mannerism or how they speak.

      They were genuinely surprised I not interested in their "business"!


      But when it comes to relationships, we are often let down by our "understanding from our brains":

      1. He'll change after we get married or have children...

      2. My insurance agent/stock broker has my best interest...

      3. I'm doing it for my parents.

      4. Big daddy says it's for my own good.

      5. Our "friends" a thousand years never stay in contact calling us for coffee cannot be trying to sell us "stuffs"...

      6. You fill in your own examples ;)

    4. Your body tell U a lot of things everyday.
      If U are too busy and uptight with a lot of activities, U tend to miss or ignore what your body is telling U.
      Eg, if U have a habit of keep on holding back your peeing because U are too busy, after a period of time, your body may not or can not tell U anymore.

      So we need to learn how to "relax" even in extreme exciting time or else we will ignore what our body is telling us.
      Ignore too often and too long, your body system may goes haywire.
      Time to see your doctor then.

    5. temperament,

      So much for mind over body...


  5. Sometimes, you know.

    Humans are often controlled by the less dominant forces :(

    Just like brain knowing that it's not right to love someone, your body itching for it.

    Or when your body is really tired and Mr Body knows it's time to take a rest, but our brain here is saying that we have to get it done over the incentives or so!

    My brain tells me at time to not poke people, but there goes my finger! Oh no!!!

    1. sleepydevil,

      Looks like I no longer mistake you for sillyinvestor now ;)

      My mind "types" sleepydevil, but my fingers typed sillyinvestor the last few times :(

      Now my body and mind are aligned when it comes to you - I guess that's a compliment?

      You are indeed a unique animal at this watering hole. And youngest to boot!

      He who pokes others cannot be ticklish himself ;)

      Have fun!

  6. Hi Smol,

    I not sure if it's what I am thinking about. I ask my pupils to write in the journal the topic "am I kind" or the topic " I must be able to help myself before I help others.

    Shall not bored u with the responses. But basically, how do we define kindness? Kind thoughts kind actions and kind heart. Of course, if all 3 are aligned, it's kindness at its purity. But if not, having any one of the three is better than nothing

    So if we cannot empathize, understand also not bad. Cannot understand, just listen also not bad.

    Worst is when you said "wa what is the big deal, my wife have it worse... My army days are worse.. blar blar blar

    1. i think real kindness is giving "anything" without expecting anything in return.

      Especially U know beforehand the recipient doesn't have the ability to reciprocate, only maybe "Thank you."

    2. sillyinvestor,

      Listening is lost on most people...

      Yup, the worst and lowest EQ people are those who think "consoling" a frustrated friend is by telling them how others are much worst off than their friend.

      Can't give advice just listen quietly.

      After letting off steam, their friend will feel much better :)

      Sometimes "kindness" is not being a bleeding heart.

      Allowing others to make their own mistakes and earn their own epiphanies and reflections.

      That's supporting growth!

    3. temperament,



      Peace be with you, wise friend ;)

  7. Hi SMOL,

    My immediate thought is to relate it to the difference between empathy and sympathy. Sympathy relates to understanding the feelings others are going through, while empathy is about putting yourself in the shoes of others. I guess this will be similar to understanding it 'in your body' rather than 'in your brains".

    This applies to the explanation I just given here, or the short paragraph in your blog post. You can say a lot without really understanding, but if you understood it, you don't have to say a word.

    I too, shall stop here.


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