Sunday 25 March 2018

Having a dirty mind

Some of the most fun and risque conversations I had were with women.

During my early 20s, I'm always the youngest member amongst the older and more "experienced" jie-jie lady sales colleagues.

At first I was so surprised and awkward...

They were so naughty!

Good to know men and women are the same. Wink.


  1. When old men crack dirty jokes they are called DOM. There are no DYM!

    1. CW,

      Dirty old man has a different meaning than someone who has a risque sense of humour ;)

  2. Er.... SMOL,

    Let me sound a warning, it works only when u are very close to those friends. Otherwise it's quite an exclusive thingy. Women women talk dirty in front of u and u joining in talking dirty very different hor. U dun anyhow bluff those younger ones unless they kena slap left right center

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Yes, that's where EQ comes in.

      Conversely, I know I am included into the jie-mei cliche when my female colleagues behave "as themselves" in front of me ;)

      When colleagues treat us with special "courtesy", you know there's a barrier between you and them.

      That's why companies and organisations spend so much money on team buildings events trying to break the ice ;)

  3. But seriously,

    Who need dirty to make conversation interesting ... Talk passion, dreams love anand literature and the sorts lor...

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Lady Chatterly's Lover and 金瓶梅 are considered good literature by intellectuals ;)

      Intellectuals don't need censors to tell them what is good or bad literature.

      Sheep maybe ;)

      Notice I kept using the word "risque"?

      How we define the word "dirty" is best left to the reader to discover themselves.

      Are they more comfortable with people with whom they can talk anything under the sun - including risque stuff; or do they prefer the company of those who are always "prim and proper" ;)

    2. Pleasure and pain, which are two sentiments so different in themselves, differ not so much in their cause. From the instance of tickling, it appears, that the movement of pleasure, pushed a little too far, becomes pain; and that movement of pain, a little moderated, becomes pleasure.

      - Fontenelle

    3. Unintelligent Nerd,

      I can attest to this every weekend.

      Young I can stand 8 hours. Now its murder on my feet...

      But after the long weary journey home (1 hour), taking a hot shower, and the soreness and aches on my body surprisingly becomes a sort of "pleasure" as I lay down on my bed.

      Slept like a baby ;)

      That's another form of cultivation "awareness".

      Every weekend, I am painfully aware of every bone and muscle of my legs!


  4. Hi Jared,

    Dirty young woman can or not? Well, actually single and married topics are quite different, married people tend to have more 'dirty' topics. =P

    1. Jes,

      Dirty young woman of course can!

      Heard some prefer baby oil, while some are into jello?

      Personally, I prefer showered and clean sheets that sort of thing. I am a bit "Japanese" in that way ;)


      Where was I?

      Ah! Yes, of course.

      By "experienced", I meant my senior lady colleagues were married/divorced/live-in-sin - they definitely not blushing virgins ;)

      Some of the stories they told me we quite salacious... Hope one day I can work at those atas high fashion branded boutiques?

      I think I too old liao... Just look at the manicured "oil-slicked hair and powdered face" toy boys at those stores!

      I can't compete :(

      Beware of the Goody Goody Guy

      All is fair lah. You think why rich older men like to do private banking and buy lots of "useless" insurance policies?

      I have one lady friend who is insurance agent and while having coffee near her office, my eyes roamed to 2 young ladies dressed like karaoke hostesess seating near us...

      My friend rolled her eyes and told a flabbergasted me they were insurance agents too.

      Idiot! I should never have bought my policies from my ex-classmate! And he is male :(

  5. Hi SMOL,

    I am reminded of a story about perspectives that I love to share with my students. It's about whether a housefly is dirty or clean. They will say houseflies are dirty, because they rub their feets on food. But in the housefly's perspective, they are very clean, since they 'washed' their feets onto the food.

    Perhaps those who talk dirty actually have a clean innocent mind, while those who are quiet and shush at such things are the dirty, whip lashing, leather wearing dungeon torturers? lol!

    I confess, i'm more of the latter!

    1. LP,

      Ya, I think so too!


      Now I have to bleach out the imagery of you in leather and whip from my brains...


      Your comment reminded me of this Buddhist story:

      Two monks and a woman


  6. Hmm.. Usually when a girl opens her mouth and talks to a guy about such topic.. likely the guy have no hope already.

    The best this chap could do is to go home and fantasize about what he is told. Better if got a wife, can try out what is told!

    No practical lessons with her !! :)

    Sorry sorry... I'm just an innocent lil lad here.
    Don't flame me!
    I know nothing I'm saying!!

    1. sleepydevil,

      That's the price for being accepted into the "jie-mei" clique :(

      Its the same with girls when boys treat you as one of their "mates"...

      Got wife still want to have practical lessons with other girls?

      Young man, don't say what you think out loud...


      Don't "sabo" all of us men!


  7. Cracking dirty jokes help to build up camaraderie among men friends. I do it all the time. Cracking dirty jokes to women is a dangerous thing in the office, particularly for people working in big organizations with strict sexual harrassment policies. Even if that woman accuses his male colleague unfairly of sexual harrassment, it can be a career stopper for the man. For civil servants enjoying a golden and iron rice bowl, be careful.

    1. hyom hyom,

      Its like knowing when to use Singlish and when to speak proper england ;)

      Those who can, life is a lot of fun.

      Those who can't, everything this cannot, that better don't do :(

      We know our relationships with our female friends are on another level when we can do rique jokes and naughty innuendos with them ;)


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