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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Alan Watts ~ How To Enjoy Life

When we are skilled in something, there's a quiet sense of accomplishment in us.

That's why our moms and grandmothers love to cook us our favourite dishes during CNY even though its time consuming and hard work. 

I know. Can outsource to "atas" restaurants but its not the same.

Boys know early that if we can play the guitar or excel in sports, girls come right?



  1. Actually, we all enjoy life in so many different ways(in our own ways)

    The rich got their ways, so are the poor.

    Who is happiest, then it is not so easy to say.

    i understand some poor country by GDP, the people there may be happier than us, Singaporeans.

    1. temperament,

      That we do.

      We each interpret "happiness" differently.

      Singapore is doing well in terms of GDP.

      What we have today are people who earn $10K per month unhappy knowing there are those who earn $30-40K per month...

      Those pioneer Singaporeans who moved to HDB flats during the early 70s from atap houses with no running water and electricity, I supposed they were happier then.

      But I guess that didn't last long...

      Our "happiness" change when we see fellow HDB neighbours upgrading to condos and private properties...

      That's why we can see those who seek financail freedom with dollars and cents only speak and act differently from those who add an overlay of spirituality or philosophy ;)



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