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Sunday, 12 March 2017

What are you made of?


  1. ha ha. Don't blame Big Daddy for your own problems

    1. CW,

      I think lao lee is right.

      Singaporeans are world class complainers!


  2. Smol,

    The original story has the coffee beans that blends with water and change the nature of water.

    Both are gone and became something else. Think win-win?

    1. Like that. Then Chinese tea is win and win and win more. After drinking the tea, dry the tea leaves and re-use it for odor removal for our smelly shoes. LOL!

    2. Sillyinvestor,

      You mean the carrot, egg, and coffee bean story?

      Creativity is "stealing with pride" and making it our own ;)

      That's why in American Idols, those who make it into the final rounds don't sing karaoke versions but make the songs their "own" by having their own interpretations ;)

      Win-win thinking is just smoke and mirrors invented by the West to make the losers feel better. An Ah Q mentality if you will.

      There's is no such thing as win-win in our 5000 years of Chinese wisdom.

      I only know we become king when we win; we become bandits when we lose.

      No, I not being sceptical.

      Want to test and verify?

      Which feels better?

      a) You tell others its a win-win solution.

      b) You let others tell you its a win-win solution.


    3. Lol,

      This is one of those I will not be shaken. Win win is possible because the world is of abundance.

      It's not possible to have everyone as. No.1 though, there can only be 1

      Zero sum thinking is binary thinking, and it's dangerous ... LOL

    4. Sillyinvestor,

      World is abundance?

      I guess you would not be complaining when Singapore hits 7 million ;)

      I wonder how many principals are there in a school?

      How many Heads of Departments?

      What do you say to those teachers that have been by-passed for a promotion yet again?

      You can do it!

      If I can do it, so can you!

      Don't give up!

      If you think you can, you can!

      Oh, Mdm Tan has called in sick today. You cover her classes today OK?

      Now go. Thanks for being a great team player!

      Goody good. Now I've delegated everything, got time to sneak in a golf game this afternoon!

    5. LoL, SMol,

      No bridging of gap here. I am quite sure my working environment is not as dark as u said.

      Dog eat dog, yes I heard of it. That's why I am happy I need not eat anyone for a living. Btw, I went in for relief too, on my own accord.

      There can only be so many principals and Hods, you are right. Not being one of them means I lose, u win? U gotta be kidding right ?

      Not being an CEO means I am a puppet, a sheep waiting to be slaughtered?

      The pendulum swing a bit extreme. So there can be only 1 grasshopper ? THE Rest ants?

    6. Hee hee.

      Just probing you Sillyinvestor ;)

      Someone used to whine a lot about work in the past... Now on course (out of the frying pan) of course can see life through rose tinted glasses ;)

      We all have been super motivated in seminars/workshops/trainings before.

      But once we return to our daily grind... We forget everything and revert back to our old selves :(

      Eagerly waiting to see what new ideas you will implement in your school after the course ;)

      Next time you post your dark dismal whiny posts about work, I'll just poke you with "win-win".

      I just prefer to be the one saying "win-win" to others.

      To be the one who tells others to upgrade and retrain and not expect we'll have the same job in our career.

      Exhort others to be leaner, faster, hungrier.

      There is a reason why so many seek financial freedom to "escape"...

    7. Lol,

      I know u will poke me on that!! LOL

      Dun know who says moon full moon crescent and tide high tide low.

      I having period of low, doesn't mean I dun believe in win-win. Of course I am positive now, but when I super down, people did not step on me, some ignore me, quite a few stretch out their hands.

      Me whining is true, but u using my whining in this debate is smoke screen

      Dun try to smoke me...

    8. Hey but sMol,

      I am really excited about putting forward some ideas into play. This break is really enlightening and awakening for me.

      U know what, today I went school, ruffle feathers with my no.2 because I insist on certain ways of doing certain project, but we end up good.

      My no. 1 gave me a dressing down. But I rebounded in hours.

      I think this break, allow me to really clear a lot of disconsance in the past. Things like I am more for grades than learning and hence caring more about no. Than pupils.

      Almost forgetting my human first, then teacher then move together .. but it's still with me not to kill everyone but moving too fast.

      I think I will whine when I am back.

      But I found something to "fight for"

      Leaders provide vision? I dun even know what I want in the past.

      Now I know. It's worth fighting and tired myself out for. I am going to 开荒, that's what I am good at, never good at navigating politics and system anyway.

      When I went back, my staff ask me to visit and talk to them, said miss me. Even if fake hear also shiok, there must be something I am doing right. Yes I am shameless, bite me.

      My new sutra, seek forgiveness and not approval


    9. Sillyinvestor,

      Eh? Never box me or call me %##$^*^$!!?

      You passed and is worthy :)

      OK, no clowning around now.

      I'll share with you what I always tell my course participants at the end of the workshop when I were a facilitator.

      1. Remember, your principal, your other HOD colleagues/"competitors", your underlings have no been on the SAME course as you.

      2. They do not have the same context and perspective as you do.

      3. Do not frighten them with a 180 degrees change in behaviour no matter how pumped up you are right now. Try to see things from their angle - they have not seen the light as you have ;)

      4. Must do foreplay. Create an interest and share your experiences on this trip and course. But DO NOT tell them your plans!

      5. This will be a test on your EQ and snake-oil selling skill. If you can "inspire" your principal, other HODs, and underlings to come up with "inspired" proposals of their owns, half the battle is won!

      5. Win-win is you don't mind others taking the credit and "stealing" your vision as their own ;)

      What you care is having fun and just as long the ship sails in the direction that you desire, who takes the glory you don't care!

      Now, this version of "win-win" is not the same win-win that sheep likes to parrot on their lips ;)

      Have fun young shepherd!

    10. Wow SMOL,

      These comments are worth its gold...

      Surprising, no.1 is false, they have all been on the same course before, I am very late into this game. They send others before me.

      no.2 is true, different strokes for different people mah.

      no.3 BINGO!! great minds think alike. While I use metaphors, frameworks etc to connect my thinkings, ideas, thoughts etc, I never once considered showing them to my teachers. To my successor, yes.

      Foreplay is one thing I need to reflect on. I did "plot" to sell it as 1) an convenience to teachers, killing 2 birds in 1 stone, 2) as something really benefiting our pupils (This one my heart beats the same)

      It is precisely looking at their angle, that I checked myself from being just top-down, or doing for nice ideas. I want human first, then HOD, then all teachers for pupils.

      180 degree change... No la, I am sly. Hehehehe... The various platforms in place will be done differently without no "addition", I have been at the opposite end listening too.

      Point 5... Hmmm Inspire them?? Not sure if I can do it, but apparently, I think I can easily grab a few champions with me...

      I like you part about the glory thingy. BEST! I reached my peak. The younger ones are not without pride. You let them steal your credit? They won't take it. They want due credits of their own. I have reached my peak of my career, either by choice or circumstances. Make no matter to me. I need no more promotion. Thank you very much, just give me that pay raise if possible, I do not want to sit in the office, I want to teach.

      In fact, my biggest plot is for my successor to take over me and I change track to become Senior teacher. My boss sure dun allow, even if she doesn't like me, but hehehe, she go through rotation but I don't. I sure outlast her...

      Thank you thank you. Shepherd or sheep, its the same. The puppet master is a puppet of another higher being, shepherd are sheep of landlords, landlords are sheeps of warlords, warlords are sheeps of shogun...

      We just like to look down and egolistically think we are shepherd or puppet master

    11. Sillyinvestor,

      Point 1 is early warning that they know but still did not act on them.

      Most of the "investments" in courses and trainings are just a waste of time and money...

      Most people still prefer to be told what to do.

      Yup, time is on the side for the younger Sun Quan as he can outlast Cao Cao and Liu Bei.

      Well, at least that's the "plan"... LOL!

      That's why I have lots of cultivation to do. When I spot a sheep, I still think in terms of wool, milk, and meat.

      My bad.

      What? I ex-snake oil what!

  3. We use used tea leaves in our fridge.

    Does it means the potato can't take the heat while the egg can.

    Funny, both have the same endings.

    Like all of us.

    Who can say the potato or the egg is better.

    Everyone has his own rights to live under the Sun.

    1. temperament,

      Now this is wisdom!

      BOTH have the SAME ending!!!

      Who wants to be told by the land owner, "Look! Here's a carrot. See those hoops over there? If you jump through them for me, I'll give this carrot to you. Win-win!"

  4. Temp,

    I like your response. Even teas or coffee all end up being inthe person stomach LOL.

    A puppet thinking it's a puppet master. We all fall into this trap

  5. Hi SMOL,

    I'm human. In boiling water, my brains harden first. However, my soft heart hardens, but after a while of hardening, it softens now, until the blood in it fills the entire boiling water and makes it red.

    1. LP,

      Sharing a bit of science and poetry?

      The colour red is used a lot in the national flags of nations.

      It symbolises the universal brotherhood of men - we all bleed the same colour.

  6. SMOL,

    Same thing can get different results.
    Wah, it is indeed deep but yet commonsensical at the sametime.

    Like what you always mentioned, different stroke for different people.

    1. Blursotong,

      I'm one of those bloggers who just throw a brick and see what jade I can find in return ;)

      I'm a receiver; not one of those "I tell you so" givers.


      Moral of story?

      Never be a potato or egg!

      Be the water?

      Or be the pot?

      Or maybe being the fire would be best?

    2. SMOL

      To be in control or be control by others

    3. Blursotong King,

      We can use whatever euphemisms we want to sugar coat it.

      But the reality is like what you have just said.

      I like to stare at the ceiling to watch paint dry.

      I'm checking to see if there are strings above me ;)

      We often think we are making decisions on our own free will.

      Not so. There's always someone who planted that idea into us in the first place ;)

      Hence you don't see me sharing my core investment holdings and trading positions.

      I don't want to influence others, and I don't want others to influence me.

      I not an influencer; I'm the cheerleader for independent thinking ;)

  7. SMOL

    Thanks for this watering hole. I thought I was the only weird person until....

    1. Blursotong King,


      I'm not 怪伯伯 OK?

      Although I feel like one when 美眉 with micro shorts board the MRT.

      Can't help but steal a few glances.




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