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Thursday, 2 March 2017

How to train hamsters to jump through hoops

I used to keep hamsters while in Shanghai.

Bought lots of "toys" such as tubes, spinning wheel, wooden blocks to create mazes so I can "train" my hamsters to run through them.

Of course at the end of the course, I'll reward my hamster with sunflower seeds.

You'll be amazed what hamsters will do for sunflower seeds!

Come to think of it, that how animal trainers do to reward their pets for performing tricks.

Look out for it next time you see an animal act on TV.

You'll notice after each and every act, the trainer will put something into the mouth of his pets.

It seems quite a few people are upset their sunflower seeds have gotten a lot lesser.

Lucky I'm a cat.



  1. Big Cat can be trained to perform. Meow meow can't?

    1. CW,

      When was the last time you saw a circus act or talent show where they show cats doing tricks?

      Big cats like tigers can be trained to do tricks. But notice they don't use treats; they use the whip ;)

  2. Smol,

    I thought the sunflowers seeds has increased. Guess we not thinking about the same things

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      No, we definitely not thinking about the same thing ;)

  3. Fishy can be trained too:


    Regarding sunflower seeds, I think it boils down to expectations management. If one gets used to a temporary arrangement and expects it to remain that way over a long term, they will be sorely disappointed.

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Why would anyone sign up for a one year contract work - do the same work with less benefits and pay than full time workers?

      Its a "temporary arrangement" where we hope to demonstrate our "worthiness" to our shepherd - impress the pants off the shepherd so we can get a full time job offer.

      Now see the reversed from snake-oil perspective.

      I first lure as many hamsters as possible into my maze of hoops with the promise of sunflower seeds.

      From day 1 its a temporary arrangement.

      Once I've hit my market share target, now I focus on milking my herd of hamsters.

      Especially now I got all their activity habits, how much they eat, sleep, shit; etc.

      So when I changed my maze of hoops for the hamsters to jump through, I already know how many can make it IN ADVANCE. (Decisions based on FACT and based on HOPE different)

      Those hamsters that can't make it and leave I won't shed a tear for they weren't the breed I looking for anyway ;)

  4. My wild guess here is that you are referring to 360.

    1. Blursotong King,

      You are not so "blur like sotong" as your nick suggests ;)

      It also works for credit cards.

      Sometimes land owners can be quite clueless.

      As a shepherd, I can sell to my land owner that I can increase the number of credit cards by X amount by Y year. You know, the market share thing.

      So what I do?

      The usual trick is to offer free gifts and free membership for the first year.

      Another is to give FREE and UNSOLICITED cards to existing card holders. (I often cancel or say no to these free cards; seriously, how many credit cards do one need?)

      Once I've hit my SMART goals, I collect my bonus, pay increment, or even better - promotion!

      This trick will work until the landowner wakes up.

      Hey! I got so many increased credit card customers; but not making much money leh...

      Ah! Its drag down by those accounts that take up "space" but never spend enough.

      Again now I come smiling with another ready solution - planned obsolescence ;)

      When these "giam siap gui" (stingy) credit card customers call for their expectant annual membership fee waiver, I just say no. It's a privilege for our best customers only.



      That's how you cull sheep that don't produce enough fleece or milk for you.

      Once again, my landowner would be pleased.

  5. Oh ya. 360!!

    Lol. Blur sotong u are right! It makes sense now.

    Hmm... thought that sunflowers seed is harmless. More or less.

    My sunflowers is "harmful" LOL

  6. Sillyinvestor,

    I was guessing that the sunflower seeds you are referring to was about offspring.

    Now that you mentioned "harmful", I need to know if it is X-rated!

    1. No la, BS,

      I am thinking about bull market profits. People think they genius, can do this tactic that tatics and win money

      Nvm. I silly. U blur LOL

  7. Hahaha I see what you have done here. Many years ago, I was once a hamster that worked my ass off to earn that few sunflower seeds. Now, I go around eating free sunflower seeds.

    1. Kevin,

      I like free sunflower seeds, especially when they are free!

      But when I need to jump through hoops to get them, I just go, "Meow. Sorry hor, I not a hamster."



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