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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Ankle weights around your legs

During secondary 3, I had a classmate who was very into Kungfu and Bruce Lee and all...

One day, he started wearing ankle weights around his legs to school. They were hidden by our long trousers so I guessed school didn't mind.

He told me he wanted to train his leg muscles to be stronger for kicking.

When CFDs were first introduced into our local market by one local Singapore brokerage, I was one of the early clueless retail customers who tried it.

Bloody hell, had to pay monthly roll-over charges and margin interests north of 6%.

Now? Roll-over charges have been waived, and now margin interests halved to 3-4% depending whether its a long or short trade.

When I were trading unit trusts (yeah, it can be done, now ETFs much easier), I was paying 1.5-2% in transaction commissions. Now? It's below 1% or no sales charge!?

Although I haven't started trading individual stocks before the liberalisation of brokerage rates where our seniors had to pay 2% in commissions round trip for their contra trades, I can empathise what they've gone through.

What do you think?

Which would you have preferred?

Start with ankle weights around your legs when you started your journey, and have them reduced progressively...

Or do you prefer to have more weights added on your body as your soldier on further down the road?

P.S.  Now you know why I say I didn't have a good start to my investing/trading journey... I made money from the get go...


  1. Those days a few bids would be enough net cash flow for our daily expenses. Not sure today contra trading works for small boys?

    1. CW,

      SGX must be worried on the lack or falling contra volumes...

      Now even talking about changing the bid/offer spreads and returning the lunch hour break to dealers and remisiers...

      Talk about the pendulum moving from left back to right!

      For years we have been talking about T+1. I guess when it hits their own pockets, all these talks about "alignment" with the best practices of the premier stock exchanges in the world is just words written on water...

  2. Hi SMoL,
    I know angle weight is just a metaphor. But when we were trainingfor volleyball competitions during secondary school days. We do have 1-2 friend putting o weight. Our senior and coach dis-courage us from doing it. It is bad for the legs and is injury prone.

    True anough, those with weight and those without weight, our leaping prowess did not really have a difference as long as we did all
    Our drills and skipping earnestly.

    The weight is just fashionable and those who have it gave up after a few weeks ...

    But guess this can be applied in other situations too

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Weight resistance training is one of the best way to lose weight.

      With greater muscle mass, you'll burn more calories while you sleep.

      Passive investors who have done their own weight-lifting can enjoy the "passive" nature of income while they sleep.

      And that's the "secret sauce" that most people miss ;)

  3. SMOL

    Some ankle weights are not feeling physical weights that we tied to our legs. Are we able to break free on the expectation expected on us?


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