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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Today's Reality


  1. Hi SMOL,

    I could add on:

    More future...less present.
    More acquaintances...less connections
    Longer life...less health

    1. LP,

      The points in the post and yours can describe what I see in our community...

      So focused on the trees that we miss the whole forest!?

    2. Hi SMOL,

      Yes, I agree with you. But they will have to find their own balance :)

      SO let's start with me. All those points are pointing out that today is so bad. It's not as bad as it seems.

      Less present... less worries!
      Less connections....less troubles!
      Less health... less retirement woes!


      Small family...More bonds!
      Less common sense...More improvements in the future!
      Poor health....More time spent with family!
      Neighbor unknown ... Lesser comparison and jealousy!
      Less peace of mind...more spiritual enlightenment!
      Less emotions...less sadness!
      Less wisdom...more lessons to learn from!
      No true love...more living in the present!
      No best friends....less betrayals!
      Less water...lesser need to go toilet!'
      Less humanity...lesser human woes!
      No time...less time wastage!

    3. LP,

      LOL! Good one!

      There is no "reality".

      No one individual sees the world the same way.

      It's all perceptions ;)

  2. More money, more personal time;
    More personal time, more time to chat with SMOL;
    More time to chat with SMOL; more reality check.
    The more the merrier. haha.
    solution to problems resulting in excessive? Control.

    1. Frugal_Daddy,


      I'm learning to "Let it go"...


    2. Indeed, some are too bothered by many desires and should let those distraction and baggages off.

      Control is something like: When you are physically fit, which is a good thing. No need to give discount about it. However, when you are holding a raw egg, you don't need to exert excessive force. If you do so, you will know what will happen. Use the appropriate force for respective things. It is good to be physically fit. This applies to most scenarios above. Control. A racing car without control is going to crash anyway, no matter how good it is. It can be a pleasure controlling.

    3. Enhancing the example a little by including "let it go":

      Using above example of the racing car, it is nothing wrong for the racing car to be too fast or powerful. The driver need to have the skill to control it. If the driver can't control it, perhaps, it is better for this driver to "let it go" and find a more suitable car for himself. Else, he can just "let his/her desire for speed go" and drive the same racing car at a slower speed. His/her choice, but at least he/she has a choice.

      Am i making sense? haha.

    4. Frugal_Daddy,

      1) Ah! Control as in "balance". Gotcha!

      2) I got you crystal :)

      Did you read the guest post by a girl at the bleeding heart's blog?

      "I know myself" - that's one of the most empowering 3 words in personal finance!

      That's where many have come to grief and yet have no clue why....

      Got set goals, got plans, got work hard, etc... I followed exactly the advice from shepherd some more...

      There is such a thing called: Your mileage and my mileage may differ.

    5. Control is not a sexy word. Indeed, most of the time we just need to work on self awareness to gain the enlightenment.

  3. This is the paradox of wealth...

    1. The Sun,

      There is always a counterbalance force.

      While most that read financial blogs are committed to "accumulate more and more", there are those who heed the ways of "letting go" - like St Francis of Assisi and those ascetic Buddhist monks...

      I do my best to stay in the Middle path.

  4. SMOL,

    I guess this is where Yin and Yang idealogy is most useful as a guiding principal in life. Its a matter of striking the right balance so that you are most at peace with yourself... wait, does
    more at peace --- less mindful of others ???

    1. ckw-I99,

      Yes, that's another one of those great wisdom from our 5,000 years of Chinese history - the Tao symbol ;)

      It's not a circle with a straight line down the middle in static equal halves (that's something a Western educated person would draw instinctively).

      It's 2 tadpoles swirling - symbolising the constant flux of re-balancing to achieve equilibrium.

      And the brilliant parts are the 2 dots - there is Ying in Yang and Yang in Ying. The Tao symbol is not complete without the 2 dots ;)

      Yes, when we are at peace with ourselves, there is little need to shout with a megaphone:

      You must save!

      You must invest!

      You must exercise!

      You must eat right!

      Focus on the snow outside our own door, less on the sleet on others' roof.


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