Monday 22 June 2015

Men don't listen, see themselves as hammers, and can't wait to be Indian Chiefs!

Casual readers may want to skip this post.

This is more a "poking" post for the male community members as I'll be making references that you won't know unless you are a regular reader of male financial bloggers.

Last night, a new lady colleague from another store came to help us out for a month due to a recent resignation at our store.

She noticed I am left-handed and asked if its true that lefties are smarter?

I wished it were true! 

I told her we lefties are like "women" - we see the world through feelings, emotions, and intuitions. You know, fuzzy, fuzzy, dreamlike, and definitely not in precision terms!

OK, that should set the context and perspective. And now the gloves are off!

Incident A

A lady reader made a wonderful insightful guest post at the bleeding heart's blog some weeks back.

It's about her creative way to DIY her own "Eldershield" like insurance plan for her parents by monetising the property she is staying in, if and when needed. This is so cool!

Guess what? Yup, male hammers start commenting her math is "wrong"... Why they don't think property can appreciate like in the past few years going forward...

Lousy listeners right? 

Girl talking about one thing, the boys assuming something else...

One thing of note that is glaringly missing from most male finance bloggers - the lady author is using her personal finance knowledge as a vehicle to focus on relationships that matter.

And the most silly thing is - when a girl says she knows herself, she meant you can talk to the hand.

Talk about dumb and clueless! 

(Girls, you may have to help out your man if they don't understand what I've just wrote)


Incident B

Guys experienced with women will know this. 

When your wife or girl friend comes complaining to you how bad her day was, you just (pretend to) listen and don't think too much about it. For you know the next day she will be back to her cheerful self and have forgotten everything!

We don't say capricious like the weather for nothing right!? 

What happens when a male finance blogger does the same "let off steam" thing on-line?


I love you! I love you two! I love you three! No, I love you more! 

Group hug time boys! Oh shut up! You are making me go teary... Boo hoo hoo.

I was thinking to myself... I didn't know so many of our male financial bloggers are sensitive new age guys who are in touch with their feminine side...

And there's this idiot who had delusions of being Joan of Arc... Wants the community to take up arms and tilt at windmills?

Eh... Who died and made you Indian Chief?

Yes Batman, I'm trolling you! "Song bo"?

But if you are buying drinks, I'll whisper to you ear:

"You are wind; I am sand. Wherever you go, I'll follow."

To man love!


  1. Hi SMOL,

    I'm not aware of Incident A though..Incident B I know haha! I found incident B quite charming. Whatever the response is, the key thing is that as a close knit community, we're very supportive of each other. But don't expect me to take it lying down when there's shit spilling. I care enough to tell you when you're spilling shit! It's those pple whom we don't care enough that we keep quiet, and snigger to ourselves :)

    Very proud to be in this community :)

    But very funny leh, nowadays, I become blog pioneer ah? What? I started off blur blur, survived for a few years in blogging, then I'm pioneer already? LOL

    1. LP,


      Anymore over the top outpouring of "love" I would have told you guys to get a room!

      Don't play play. Wait the community gives you SG50 award for pioneer status!

      By the way, you are a bigger man than I imagined...

      I thought you were the cute cute dainty little butterfly.

      Bloody hell! You are more like the humongous black butterfly I often saw during the Chinese 7th month!!!

    2. I'm still the cute dainty little butterfly hopping from one flower to another LOL

  2. Replies
    1. CW,

      Bam, bam, bam...

      I'm just a funny man, the clown, and the town's fool :)

  3. I need tutorials to understand your post. Anyways, I am lefties, so I am excused for being a sensitive man. Haha. I like what you have shared about the trust in your previous post. Trust is a powerful thing and being right or wrong is no longer important at times. Many legends were built on trust. Men or women. Romance of the 3 kingdoms, ww2, any classic examples you can think of. If this blogging scene can have this relationship, I suppose it could be a good thing too. I interpret your post in my way and hope I am not too far off. :)

    1. Frugal_Daddy,


      Another lefty in the house!

      Right-handed men where got spend so much time talking to wife like you? Wink.

      Yup, I'm a fan of the Chinese classics, history, World War 2 Panzer General stuffs ;)

      And that's where I draw my inspirations. So you are well within the ballpark!

      But don't stand too close. We may be "sensitive"; but we are not "happy" men ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Sillyinvestor,

      No angst and no ?

      It's humour :)

      Can laugh better laugh!

      Tonight no idea what the Greek decision will be...

      Lagi tomorrow want to laugh also cannot....

    2. Er... SMOL,

      Personally I think Greece is a soap drama. Exit or no exit, the EU leaders have plan B.

      Anyway, I sold half my portfolio ... So not losing sleep over this ...

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      You are prepared ;)

      Sleep well.

      Me? That's the price I pay for being a macro trader....

      Still waiting...waiting...

      There is a trading opportunity or there is none!?

  5. Hi LP,

    SMOL is talking abt Miss Somebody who has an initial like my last name. I was pretty amused by that someone who tried to 'do the sums' to show how it wasn't a smart decision that Miss Somebody made.

    Kudos to you, SMOL, for digging at your own species! Ok ok, I know you are going to say you are not like them. You can only prove it if you wear skirt! LOL.

    1. Endrene,

      And I thought my math was bad... LOL!

      Well, I guess I'm not the only one to make a fool of myself online!

      On the contrary! I am helping my own kind ;)

      I am low-balling the expectations women have on us men.

      I'm sure you and your sisters know men are extremely adorable and cute - just as long you don't expect too much from us ;)

      After all, we are only men...

      Eh? I can hear Tammy Wynette's Stand by your Man playing in the background....

  6. Thats y it's better to be a woman in the blogosphere! More love from big daddy bloggers! haha

    1. Rolf,

      Perhaps there are some 女扮男装 bloggers out there?

      Just to avoid the kind of "love" you talking?

      Well, you never know....


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