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Monday, 24 November 2014

Verbs, Adjectives, and Nouns

The joy of blogging for me is the scintillating engagement with readers.

It's a two way street.

It's the adjective silly! Never the noun.

When I wrote the above post, I was feeling  quite smug until a girl with the cutest dimples put me in my place at another post months later:

"Without the verb, how do you get the adjective?"

Her comment showed she had a deeper understanding than me.

She is right. Without the action to verify, how do we make an assessment to derive the adjective?

When someone says "Stop speculation", it's a loaded statement based on bias. Which rendered it quite meaningless for its not advice but accusation...

As if investing is always the right thing to do? For all people? In all circumstances? Just ask those people we know who lost money "investing".

Again it's the adjective that matters - whether you are good at or lousy at what you do.

And that adjective comes from your past actions and track record.

If you are wondering should you continue what you are currently doing, who else better to remove the bell round your neck than the same person who tied it there in the first place?



  1. Hi SMOL

    Wah a little chim leh...

    I remembered when I was taking o level for english I always struggle for these 3 verbs adjectives and nouns. My teacher tells me adjective is used to describe a noun so they always come in pairs. Is investing a verb adjective or noun? Only the investor knows it himself.

    1. B,

      I'm in a philosophical mood today; must be the wonderful cool weather!

  2. How about this?

    My passive income for 2014 is $120K.

    Where is interesting verb, adjective and noun?

    Many will be impressed. Right?

    1. CW,

      Still not ready to "let go" this rock of yours?

      How's that different from your 10 bagger and round xx posts?

      Adulation is not exclusive. There is more than enough to go around lah!

    2. Number does the trick!

      Attention grabbing. No?

      England no good. Number helps. LOL!

    3. Lost $1m. Still have $4.2m.

      Big number sells the story.

    4. CW,

      Cannot tahan you. Still poking the messenger instead of the content.

      I'm biased towards words because that's who I am - story teller, snake oil salesman, hollywood actor, etc.

      The only numbers I care about are 36,24,36

    5. 36 24 36 is adjective. Noun can means it is 36 24 36 man which you also care!
      Now verb up to you to chase the man.
      Haha :p

    6. Rolf,

      Mention 36, 24, 36 you think of man? Hmm...

      Hey! It's cool!

      I am for equal opportunity and equal happiness.

      If you are a "happy" man, I happy you are happy ;)

      It's OK to be different.

      LOL! What kind of Freudian slip is that?

    7. My wife reading.. So must "geh siao" a bit. Haha.

      I am most of the time a Happy Man! Don't chase me! LOL...

      36 24 36, I think of "Fiona Xie"! You think of Stephen Chow movie "Ru Hua"!

    8. Rolf,

      That "Ru Hua" is classic!

      Friend, 36,24,36 is possible only if you are Barbie doll ;)

      Mrs Rolf Suey,

      If you are reading this, just mention George Clooney or Brad Pitt in front of Rolf every once in a while.

      He no big no small or what? In front of you still dare mention Fiona Xie!?


    9. Ru Hua digging nose! Hahahahaha

      I am not worry about George or Brad. I am more beautiful than them in the eyes of Mrs Rolf Suey. At least still are for now! Same for Mrs Rolf Suey not worrying if I mention girls more pretty than her.

  3. "If you are wondering should you continue what you are currently doing, who else better to remove the bell round your neck than the same person who tied it there in the first place"?

    Ha! Ha!
    i think it all depends. Just like any other situations in life.
    It is very easy to to learn to start smoking (picking up a "Vice") but try learning how to stop is never easy.
    i had been a smoker too.

    1. temperament,

      I never said it was easy ;)

      Wife, big daddy can scream at you to stop.

      Friends can coax until their throats dry.

      You will continue to blow smoke into their faces.

      The only person who can stop you from smoking is you. You being an ex-smoker knows the REAL reason WHY you stopped.

      By the way, I don't nag at my dad for smoking. How many more years does he have?

      And he has outlived his siblings and friends who eat right, exercise, pop vitamin pills, vegetarians, vegans, and what not...

      Life is not a straight line extrapolation.

  4. That comments in Jan 2011. Long time ago but still valid. LOL!

    Drizzt23 January 2011 13:41:00 GMT+8

    let Drizzt rank what he thinks is the most unhealthy food, top being the most unhealthy

    1) white gluten flour based baked products (bread, pastries,cake)
    2) oily, fried, roasted, grill things
    3) meat non-organic (chicken, beef, mutton, unclean fish)
    4) meat organic

    Best Regards,

    Investment Moats.com


    Createwealth888823 January 2011 14:07:00 GMT+8

    Seriously sometime I wonder why? Such an unhealthy lifestyle and yet he lived so long.

    My late father-in-law lived till 92. He was a heavy smoker, heavy drinker, never like to eat vegetables and fruits, ate mostly (2) and (3).

    He died due to old age and not due to any of common 30 critical illness.

    May be he had good gene and he had very little stress with his job as he had a small shop selling personal care, toiletries, Chinese wedding stuffs, Big Sweep, etc. He just sat there happily smoking, drinking, dreaming and waiting for customers to come.


  5. Hi SMOL,

    Even the three words adjectives, verbs and nouns are nouns ;) adjectives is the funny one - it's a word (therefore a noun) that describes a word to describe a noun.

    Your dimple girl understood the inter relationship between the two and you just can't have one without the other. Without the noun, there's nothing to describe. Without the adjective, there's no 'character'. Without the verb, there's no action. Your blog becomes man instead of Singapore man of leisure ;)

    Regarding the million dollar man with a million dollar problem, I refrain from answering. I feel he don't need advice, nor is he seeking for one. Just a feeling. Some q are meant to elicit emotional response, haha

    1. With millions of dollars to invest, FAs are queuing up to meet him. LOL!

    2. including private bankers and RMs too

    3. LP,

      Hee hee. Yes, all 3 are interconnected.

      Just having fun with those people who just stop with "man" - now that's bland :(

      Yes, I joined in the fun to point out that until the hole in his heart is plugged, it's just smoke and mirrors.

      He could have just said he lost a million and stop at there. No... He had to remind us he had $5....

      You are right. It's either conscious or unconscious like how some parents broadcast their ah boy got 7 A1s... Of course it's to elicit an emotional response ;)

      I am guilty of that too.

      My ex-colleague gave me a dressing down on my use of "big" words in this blog. Scared people don't know my england powerful is it?



    4. What big words? Which ones so big?

  6. The million dollar man, a fairy tale or facts? We do not know.

    I remember in world wrestling federation in the 80s there was a wrestle called "Million Dollar Man". He normally do not give you anything good, except for a "Million dollar dream lock" that makes the opponent faint!

    Then he will shoved the US$ into their mouth.

    So Million Dollar Man a liability of Asset for us???

    1. Rolf,

      Ha ha! You the same generation ;)

      Good to have another person who knows Hulk Hogan, Mancho Man Savage, Jake the Snake, etc.

      No, money is just a tool.

      We are our own liability if we choose to be.

      And we are our greatest asset if we know who we are ;)

    2. Mr. Perfect also lost wrestling match!


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