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Friday, 7 November 2014

It's better to teach than to trade

When I came back to Singapore 3 years ago, I attended this big forex conference where many of the foreign and local bucket shops spot forex brokers were gathered in a love fest to attract new cannon fodder to the community. 

I quite like the format. 

There are mini-tents with seating where you can just walk-in and listen to the snake oil sales pitches by the different brokers. And there's a main auditorium where invited speakers would spin their "A better tomorrow" dream to willing converts.

One local trainer caught my eye. 

He spoke well. Dressed in a "different" attire to make himself stand out. He's only 28. A natural salesman.

The "free" training was not much different from what you could have gotten from reading Trading for Dummies on your own. But you should see the faces on some of the audiences - they looked enthralled as if this young man was talking about the "Holy Truth"!?  

Towards the end during the Q&A session, this young trainer got too excited and let the cat out of the bag (he is a newbie in this training industry after all) - not that most of the audiences noticed:

1.  He told the floor that his forex training academy is one year old.

2.  Before setting up this academy, he started trading and took forex courses for 2 years. 

3.  He is very pleased as he made his 1st million through this training academy.

Can you see what I see? Hear what I hear?

I walked away smiling. 

Was happy for this young trainer. You took forex courses he took forex courses. He now earned his first million and you still struggling to be consistently profitable in forex trading? 

This young man got the "answer" real quick!

Funny thing though. I can't find his training courses in the local papers anymore. Maybe he has moved on to greener pastures? Or gotten so good it's pure word of mouth now. Who knows?

I would like to introduce you to a new trading blogger in our community with an interesting insight to this matter too:

Talk is cheap

I'll leave it to you to verify whether this new blogger is indeed an insider or making everything up. (You never know....)

If you can't verify, it may reveal something about yourself. Just like if you can't tell a fake Prada bag from the real thing, you are not much of a fashion connoisseur....

For those of you below R21, please don't visit his blog. (This is pure marketing - tell someone not to do it, lagi the more they want to!)

P.S.  I've never understood this R21 rating. At 18 for men, we are trusted with a rifle to blow the brains out of our enemies, but NOOOOOOO.... We can't be trusted to handle a bit of violence and nudity until we are 21!?

Got logic meh?


  1. If wanna flip someone's identity, we better leave it to SMRT Ltd (Feedback). ;)

    1. pf,

      It's not about the identity lah.

      It's more about whether you can read people ;)

      Want to play Texas Hold'em poker?

  2. this post is funny, and in that last part, as part of an armour unit in SAF i would like to raise the question if anywhere else in the world, men are allowed to drive tanks before they are eligible to learn to drive cars.

    also, it takes great character and maturity to be happy for the snake oil seller. most peoples immediate reaction would be to call him a fraud and start slamming him in forums.

    also ah, the language in that blog can be a bit strong, got people not pleased already.

    1. ladykiller,

      1. Because as tankie, you are expected to crush our enemies like cockroaches? No need to learn Highway code for that.

      2. No lah. I into public speaking, salesmanship, that sort of thing. I saw a fellow craftsman at work. I try not to judge, least others judge me too ;)

      3. I know! I saw that comment. Hence the inspiration for this R21 warning. But then, I think that commenter is above 21... LOL!

      It's not your language. I suspect its something else...

      If you man enough to call yourself a "ladykiller", having sand kicked in your face should be par for the course ;)

      Ladykillers and snake oil salesmen have one thing in common:

      We can get rejected 9 out of 10 times, but the 10th one... Hubba hubba!

    2. Thanks for linking this post. There were a lotta new visitors, from the endorsement of my shit on your far reaching blog.

      Ha, you speak with the profound experience of a practitioner of both crafts!

    3. ladykiller,

      You're welcomed!

      When I started to blog 4 years ago, the butterfly man, the oatmeal guy, and the young man with a moat helped me out.

      Just passing the love on ;)

  3. sigh....

    I teach for a living, but not a million dollars teacher, LOL

    Aiyo, no need to think so much about the identity of the blogger la, I believe he is real, but what is real? You read you learn something, or enjoy can liao.'

    He can be a real billionaire trader, but can you be sure what he said is real?

    If he is real, what he said is real, how do you know that if he mix up the sequence of his real speech? Like Huang rong mix up the sequence of the KUNG FU bible jiuyingzhenjin and let someone learn until go bonkers...

    Just enjoy... See the world from their perspective, it is not as if you are going to live in their world.

    I like R21, please continue to write like down, lady killer... oops where is my wife LOL

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      It's always nice to see you back!

    2. Real person. Real Author!

      I have read his "best seller" book.

      I had visited his blog everyday.

      But one day when I got so real with face to face with him and guess what happen after that?

      Read? Get Rich Courses or Coaching? - II

    3. CW,

      Well, I guess this person also found the "answer" - trading and writing are too damn hard!


    4. is a she?

      and you fall in love?

    5. Createwealth8888,

      Thanks for sharing your old post. I think you had every right to be pissed. It's similar to the case of W D Gann, who had all these clever little indicators but who died broke because he wasn't really trading for a living, just selling hot air.

  4. Hee! Hee!
    Me cheapskate one. No free no attend.
    For me, i can not even gobble up 1/100 % of the investment books in NLB in my lifetime. Maybe even much less.
    Besides if someone has the secret formula for trading, why he wants to share with so many people. One is already too many.

    1. i immagin i give lecture about trading to some new comer in trading, a small fee to cover my patrol la!

      if i say whats inside my heart truthfully, i guess i will be thrown with rotton eggs.....

      wow better don't teach......

    2. coconut,


      Collect the course fee up front and wear raincoat. Can make extra by selling the rotten eggs too!

      Rename the course as stress reliever. Many would pay to throw rotten eggs at somebody just to let off steam!


    3. temperament,

      Lucky both of us O' level and ITE school leaver can learn by reading.

      If we illiterate, then that's a big handicap....

    4. Coconut, these snake oil peddling little fuckers sell exactly what people want to hear. Which is that trading is easy and that you only need to sign up for the course to learn the secrets. What people are not prepared to hear is that you need to work your ass into the ground. So what you say is right. Speak from your heart and tell the truth about trading and you'll have no business as a coach.

      You've been around 20 years, and all your secrets even if you shared for free will be like casting pearls before swine.

  5. Hi SMOL,

    Highlights the adage that "those who can, do; those who can't, teach".

    Definitely not against school teachers but highly applicable in the finance area. Just look at most "financial advisors" out there.

    1. 15 HWW,

      I am glad you qualify your statement.

      There's a tutor I respect a lot here in our community. As a "friend", I would take umbrage on his behalf ;)

      As in every field of endeavour, there are those who teach to "escape"; and there are those who teach to achieve.

      No prizes on which group of teachers have left their mark on me.

      Most of the financial freedom (euphemism for get rich quick) voodoo out there are no different from Feng Shui or Astrology workshops.

      If you believe, you believe!

      If you don't believe, you don't!


  6. Don't teach. Safer to facilitate. Learn from snake Oil man. LOL!

    1. Who? Who?

      Maybe I should write a blog post on the difference between facilitating versus wah kali kong.

      And coaching versus listen to me, I will say this only once...



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