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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

To make a woman happy


  1. SMOL

    I thought u will say sex again LOL.

    Have to agree.

    Wonder why ladykiller have to say.

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      That's what men WANT.

      The wise woman knows what the man NEEDS is a woman to give him purpose ;)

    2. I thought it was ..

      To court a girl/lady/ woman, give her these three things.

      When in love, no need ATM.


    3. CW,

      What do I know? I single...

      You mean after marriage you no give these 3 things to your woman?

      Now your passion is only X amount by Y years?

      Like that I better stay single!


    4. Hahaha. Sillyinvestor these are the pearls of wisdom. All these skills, from trading to dating to cooking to whatever, all require early failures. If you're willing to fail and then learn from it, you could master anything from drug dealing to armed robbery to knitting. Just gotta find out what makes your quarry tick.

    5. ladykiller,

      No full frontal nudity please!

      Peek-a-boo is the way to go.

      Leave something to the imagination ;)

    6. I know of a "lady Killer" in person too, I always call him crocodile...


      Can hunt its prey both in waters and Land... Power

      For me,
      ? I see pretty woman also blush LOL.... Oei, my wife also pretty, hor... LOL

    7. OK. Now I guess why SMOL is still single. May be he can start looking beyond giving the three things and add the fourth thing: ATM.

      Don't worry not all not-too-young women are money grabbers.

      My ex big boss married not-too-young woman at 50+. He said he married for companion. He can't bring his pet dog to movie. Right?

      Watch TV at home can do with dog but sometime, it can be so boring. You feel emotion about show. Your dog doesn't. LOL!

    8. Sillyinvestor,

      That's the joke our maker or mother nature played on us:

      Men have 2 important organs when confronted with pretty women, but enough blood to power one at a time :(

    9. CW,

      I just watched Interstellar all by myself yesterday... Tuesday is movie watching day.

      Teared up at the end.

      Now you made me wonder whether it's the movie or....


      I feel good :)

  2. Buy her diamond, listen to her, don make her angry

    1. Low Paul,

      I often find the "passion" after a quarrel unforgettable ;)

    2. Hi smol
      i too agree that your reply wraps it all up too thoroughly.

    3. Low Pau and ladykiller,

      A raised glass to all the women who passed into our lives ;)

  3. So clever. Let me guess what men want. Sex, food and laundry? LOL

    1. Twenty-two°C,

      I love a self-assured woman who is "garang" enough to engage a group of boys in coffee shop talk!

      Welcome new friend from the world of medicine :)

      The first is a resounding YES!

      And after "passion", men want their women to be just like mom.

      You left out ironing, housekeeping, baby him, and everything that mommy does best :)


  4. No lah!
    Whispering sweet, sweet nothing in her ears all these years without fail.
    All your vices and weaknesses may be forgiven lah. No?

    1. temperament,

      You're the master!

      I'm just the silly apprentice waving my little axe in front of your door ;)

    2. Uncle Temperament,

      you sifu,

      No lei, younger, whenever I say tickle her, she will laugh and laugh.

      Now, I make jokes, she will retorts: Got more orginal one a not LOL

  5. Hi SMOL

    Let's have a drink.

    I think you might be facing some woman isaues as all men does. Kekeke. We bring in the wine and the birds. Lol

    Triple A ratings for woman is worth more than 5 Cs. Thats love there.

    1. B,

      Now now, you still young and newly married.

      Must not give the impression that when you travel, you know how to taste the local food, wine, and women ;)

      "Buat bodoh" at home OK?

      Say you only visited the museums, cathedrals, and all those cultural stuffs.

      Blood only flowed to the brain.


  6. Ah, women need a hand to hold and a heart to understand. But hey, don't we all? ;)


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