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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Trust is Good; Control is Better

For maximum effect, we should say it out loud with a German accent.

Just to be clear, I belong to the "Trust but Verify" camp. Life is easier that way.

I love to poke my fellow Steering Group members when we get overboard with "control" -

- we need another KPI to measure this...

- we need another report to track the progress...

- we need to reformat the reporting to better...

Blah, blah, blah...

Times like this I will say out the above headline in my German accent, and most of us will have a good laugh - except those anal control freaks who are now daggering me with their eyes... 

Verification measurements or KPIs should ideally fit into a single A4 sheet of paper; not a telephone tome...

If not, we would be spending so much time analyzing than on what's we are supposed to do - make decisions. Hello? What's the meaning of "steering"? 

I guess we know those who love "control" in our midst. Heck! We could be one ourselves!

Parents who like to control "what" their child should do and think may want to pause and remember you were a child once.

Let the child have their own dreams; they are not the plan B for your own failed dreams. 

For those who love control, I guess Investing and Trading can be hard for you. 

Outsourcing is out as your would prefer to DIY.

But then you will have a hard time squeezing the trigger as you are forever "analyzing".

Even if you do squeeze the trigger, you would have sleepless nights as markets never behave in accordance to what you have planned.

Perhaps consider a career as a regulator, auditor, inspector instead?



  1. Use condom always! Control is better.

    1. CW,

      Abstinence is the most effective birth control ;)

  2. Ha! Ha!
    You can't even control a ROBOT all the time. And you are the MASTER.

    1. temperament,

      Yes, I am still very much amazed that some people still have illusions that we can "control" people like robots!?

      Imagine our broadband or trading platform freezing up when we need to make an important transaction; we will appreciate those brokerages with human brokers picking up their phones!

      Try doing the trade with a discount broker! Cheap has a price ;)

    2. That's why we have been advised to engage more than one online trading brokerages. On the other hand, if the Exchange catches a cold, your personal broker will be down with a cold too.
      I am 4Ks, i think i have 3 or more. But actually i have to find out which online brokerage suits me best - is my main broker lol.

  3. temperament,

    Trust is good; having a plan B is good too ;)


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