Monday 16 June 2014

The Little Notebook - Write it down!

Our thoughts are fleeting.

Ever had a good idea, didn't write it down, and poof that idea vanishes as quickly as it surfaces?

I carry a small notebook in my backpack nowadays.

When I have an inspiration for a blog post, I write it down immediately.

When an investing idea pops up in my mind, I jot it down.

When I spot a trading opportunity, I write down my trading plan.

Home toilet paper low... Must remember to replenish.... Check! 

I am a believer on the power of our sub-conscious mind. Putting a notepad by our bed stands can be a good way to write down what our sub-conscious mind is trying to tell us through our dreams. Those of you into Science would know the examples of scientific breakthroughs inspired via dreams.

I am quite old school.

I still prefer paper and pen.

For the younger readers, you would prefer using your smart phones or iPads, I guess that could work too. But then you would miss the fun of ripping pages off your notebook and tossing it into the dustbin NBA style!

Why love yourself less?

Ever notice we take notes during school days on what our teachers say.

Grow up take notes during office meetings - low down the food chain mah! 

Attend self-help seminars and trainings we take notes on what gurus say.

How about our own thoughts and reflections?

We respect and honour others more than ourselves?

Like that how to be shepherd?



  1. No carrying smart phone?

    Still using toilet paper to jot down. LOL!

    1. CW,

      Don't look me no up OK?

      I got 1st generation hand me down iPhone - using it as dumb phone though. No whatsapp; just sms :(

      You .laugh now. I wish you next time you go big one and find no toilet paper...

      Now that's panic!

      Gentleman like me still carry handkerchief - got plan B ;)

    2. In SG, there is no problem in finding toilet papers.

      Actually, when doing BMW at overseas; I will play safe by carry one roll of toilet paper in my bag.

      Got Plan B hor!


    3. Ah!

      Qian bei experienced traveller ;)

  2. I seldom take down notes. When I attend meeting, seminar etc, I always try to listen and understand first. I find note taking a distraction of what is said.

    After all is said, I will draw mind map if it is complicated enough.

    I like to let ideas simmer in the head, I slow u see, reaction not as first, slowly, Ideas can connected then ohh... That's how the whole thing work, then why are they just harping one small part of it?

    1. sillyinvestor,

      And it shows in your summary of that seminar ;)

      By seeing things in totality, you have context and perspective.

      I think the oat meal guy would appreciate you calling him out on missing out on the risks inherent in investing in REITs ;)

      Now that's constructive feedback!

      Talking about feedback, I see you do know how to use spaces in your comment above and your other blog posts ;)

      Your summary for that seminar - you forgot to come up for air?


  3. Do know how to use spaces? Don't quite get it. What do your mean? Forget to get air? Also don't understand.

    Pardon me, still a slime ball, nose always block, cannot think straight.

    Btw, your slime gone ?

    1. sillyinvestor,

      I'm 95% recovered. Thanks! Just a bit of cough left.

      You go take a look at your blog post on the invest seminar.

      Hello? No spaces; no paragraphs.

      You expect your readers to read non-stop machine gun style and not pause for breath?

      Sprinkle rhythm and light onto our words ;)

  4. Oh!! Why like that???

    I type in word doc and email toAK, so that he can post as a guest blog. He says no win doc -.-""

    Then I just copy and paste. Think the space gone, as a result

    1. LOL!

      I just learnt something new.

      Got blogger never read his own blog posts one!

      I had the same issues during my early blogging days.

      I like to draft my posts in WinDoc and then copy paste them onto Blogger. But the formatting looks "weird" when I preview in Blogger.

      Now I just do the drafting directly in Blogger.

  5. ;(.

    I one of a kind right!! Hehe

    Maybe if I proof read more often, my readership will improve ....

    This is called see through red dust...

    1. Welcome back to red dust!

      At least according to your latest blog post and commenting here ;)

  6. Hi Sillyinvestor,

    I have to agree with SMOL that your review piece makes it hard to read without paragraphs. Nonetheless, it is a good read. Thanks.

    Hi SMOL,

    Yours is a good read too. I always find that you write with the intention of reading between the lines.

    Good stuff.

    1. L Young,

      A little something I picked up mingling amongst my women "friends".

      After kneeling on bottle-caps enough times, I guessed I've picked up some women speak. LOL!

      Before my "enlightenment", I had my share of hair pulling moments trying to figure out what did she say?

      Hey! Maybe that's where my hair went!?

  7. L young,

    Thanks, actually i do proof read my blog. But for the word document, I actually proof read 2 times before I email it. So I thought there will be no problem.

    Funny when I read through it again without paragraphs, I never realised it

    SMOL reading between lines sometime too chim and Tao too high for me to decipher...

    1. sillyinvestor,

      When I wrote using Chinese poetry, you were the few who understood. Remember that post'?

      I'm sure most others have no clue what talking us.

      No worries. Understand, understand. Don't understand, no harm; no foul.

      I am the problem ;)

  8. You complain some more, i feed back leh!

    1. temperament,

      Come sit down.

      Drink some tea.

      Have a cha shao bao ;)

  9. Ah, I always carry a paper diary with me, despite having a smartphone. There's something magical that goes on when you take a pen or pencil, and write it down on a piece of paper.

    It's very tactile. That sensation is (almost) like browsing through the pages of a book, rather than flipping through with one finger using an ebook reader. The little arrows to remind yourself something, the double lines underneath a key word to highlight it's important, the doodlings that you draw on the top of a page while waiting for thoughts to materialise, the hurried handwriting when you feel that thoughts are going to vaporise before transcribing them to paper...those are lost when the information is keyed into a smartphone. Fonts are uniform, perfectly aligned with lines equally spaced apart.

    Yes, it's probably more efficient but that's just typing information into a machine. Sterile and unimaginative.

    1. LP,

      I guess you took the words out of my mouth ;)

      That's why I find making presentations on a flip-chart is more effective in a small group setting.

      It encourages 2 way communication with a simple passing on of the marker to the participants :)


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