Saturday 14 June 2014

Complain some more!

At a NATO conference where a French General made a fuss because the meeting was held in English. A US General responded that without English speaking troops on D day, the French General would have been speaking German!

After smirking for a while, it then sank in....

Oh! I've been the French General quite a few times...




  1. Remember to thank those save our days and help us along the way.

    Often we forgot to go back to them AGAIN to buy them another few more cups of kopi.

    1. CW,

      Last year when I visited my friend working at Tuas for lunch. I was surprised the feeder bus to Tuas has no air-con!?

      Complain in my heart how can no air-con in this bloody heat? I don't mind paying 20 or 30 cents more for air-con...

      I wonder how many complaining on the increased transport fares will be willing to go back to non-aircon buses to save 20 to 30 cents per trip if it's an option?

  2. Replies
    1. CW,

      It's old bus. No air-con installed.

      Same for the return trip. So it's not just 1 bus kind of thing.

      It actually made sense.

      Not nice to say it.

    2. You complain, i feedback. FB is look at as "positive" leh. No?

    3. temperament,

      If I scream at you, threaten you, abuse you, that's not "positive" even if its "honest feedback".

      Giving feedback is an art.

      That's the realm of high EQ people.

      I wish I have better self-control and empathy ;)

  3. i think on the contrary.
    If you put yourself in the complain mood, it should be different from putting yourself in the FB mood. One is in the "tekan" mood while the other is what you want to "kaypoh" so that service will be better for everyone the next time around.

    Of course FB can somehow stray into the "tekan" mood if not communicate artistically, like you said. Or the receiver just take it as "complain some more". In that case you can do nothing about it.

    The best case is you can see a sign in the company asking for FB. But it may just a sign for "wayang only - to appease the "complain some more". Aka image damage control purpose for the company on the spot.
    Ha! Ha!

    1. temperament,

      I think we can forget the bullshit wayang "so that service will be better for everyone the next time around." part ;)

      When I give feedback - that's because I like or care about that person.

      When I complain - it's me losing my self-control.

      I agree on the give feedback boxes. It's real only when the CEO personally read the feedback ;)


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