Saturday 21 June 2014

I don't have everything; but I have enough

I don't have hair. (I not bald OK? I just shaved if off to frontload the balding process)

I don't have six packs. (But I have 1 big round pack that looks like me having my 2nd trimester)

I don't have eyes that make women want to squeeze their thighs...

I don't have a yacht. What talking me? I don't even have a car!

I don't live in landed property.

I don't have a wife. (Boo hoo hoo)

I don't have children. (I very unfilial. For eugenics, I stopped the spread of my defective genes)

I don't pay income tax. (So can't talk loud loud on social-political matters. I'm a freeloader?)

But I have enough.

P.S. Lucky I got pay GST whenever I make a purchase. And I got pay my property tax very promptly even though I live in a 3 room HDB flat.
You know the feeling right? Whenever we are in a group and if we only take and never contribute, we feel guilty or self-conscious right?


  1. temperament,


    I've solved a mystery that happened to CW's comment 2 years ago.

    I saw you have deleted your own comment and I deleted it like I always do,

    Eh? Your other correct comment also go deleted too!?

    Now I know it's because you 2nd comment was a reply to your first deleted comment. Delete the "mother" comment, the subsequent replies got deleted too!


    Feel free to repost your comment if you don't mind ;)

    P.S. For other bloggers, something to take note of if you are also using Blogger. We learn something new everyday!

    1. SMOL,
      It's alright! Don't think twice.

      Here is what i posted originally:-

      "I'm Just A Country Boy"

      I ain't gonna marry in the fall
      I ain't gonna marry in the spring
      'Cause I'm in love with a pretty little girl
      Who wears a diamond ring.

      And I'm just a country boy
      Money have I none
      But I've got silver in the stars
      Gold in the mornin' sun
      Gold in the mornin' sun.

      Never gonna kiss
      The ruby red lips
      Of the prettiest girl in town
      Never gonna ask her if she'd
      Marry me
      I know she'd turn me down.

      'Cause I'm just a country boy
      Money have I none
      But I've got silver in the stars
      And gold in the mornin' sun
      Gold in the mornin' sun.

      I never could afford
      A store bought ring
      With a sparkling diamond stone
      All I could afford
      Is a loving heart
      The only one I own.

      'Cause I'm just a country boy
      Money have I none
      But I've got silver in the stars
      And gold in the mornin' sun
      Gold in the mornin' sun...

      Especially for you. Hope you like it. If not remember, "It's alright! Don't think twice".

    2. Actually HOH!

      Many love songs are written because the song writers experienced them. With out expressing their experiences, i think they will go BONKOS lah!

      Like " 午 夜 香 吻 " is a song written by a local artist after his experience.

      Others are the famous "Silent Night, Holy Night", "Amazing Grace", etc..there are in fact countless songs which are true to their meaning in the lyrics.
      i think i enjoy and relate to a song more if i learn it is real not fake imagination.

    3. temperament,

      Thank you very much for the song dedication. I liked it!

      As for "Don't think twice, it's alright", I love the Peter, Paul, and Mary version ;)

      A man without a song in his heart is kinda.... boring?

      I see you also know how to woo women with songs too eh?

      Good times! To youth and love!

  2. Amazing that you are able to survive all the nagging. ;)

    1. Hey Cory!

      It's been a long time!

      I envy you and your with Taiwan mei meis!

      It's cool.

      People don't nag at me if I don't nag at them ;)

  3. Knowing and having enough is all we need to enjoy life. I am sure you are at the stage of truly enjoying life now ;-)

    1. Richard,

      Yes, I am enjoying my time now while it lasts ;)

      Sometimes we think and plan too much. That takes the fun out of "surprise"...

      You may want to google and listen to this song dedication by temperament:

      "Don't think twice, it's alright" - there's Bob Dyland, Dolly Parton, and other singers. That's the beauty of life - same song, many versions to listen and prefer ;)

    2. nice song.

      i like best The Seekers, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Waylon Jennings versions.

      Not so bad ----> Doc Watsons, "Peter, Paul and Mary", Andy Williams, Bryan Ferry, Bob Dylan

      Cute - "Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons"

      Ke$sha gives me the goosebumps

    3. Money Honey,

      Good singers will interpret and sing a song in their own "style".

      Wannebes will attempt to ape "exactly" the way their idols sing.

      In investing or trading, we need to find our own "voice" :)

    4. BOB DYLAN is the song writer

    5. Funny but it's true. If a song is so popular everyone wants to sing it.
      Like 午夜香吻, there are so many singers. It is very popular in Taiwan.
      Is there any difference if a stock becomes "popular"?

    6. when a stock becomes popular you will have herd instinct

      a good example at the moment .... SingPost


      The song originated from Bob Dylan and the other singers executing it their own style.

      l have listed my preferences and l am not expecting anyone having the same preferences as mine. It is so true that in investing or trading, we need to find our own "voice".

    7. temperament,

      Yes, Bob Dylan is a great poet and song writer. Wrote many great songs.

      However, I don't like listen to him sing... I prefer others cover his songs :)

      By the way, 午夜香吻 is written by our Malaysian cousin 上官流雲, and sung by our local Singaporean sister 巫美玲 ;)

      Trust but verify - an edge I picked up during my corporate life from not trusting any statistics I've not manipulated it myself.

    8. 午夜香吻 -i have a deep impression of this song because i saw the program or heard the news 上官流雲's son talked about his father how he came to write this song. Of course after 上官流雲, was deceased. IIRC.

      Of course,
      ""There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

  4. Not cost effective to use shampoo to wash few hairs so you shave your head bald?

    1. CW,

      LOL! It's fair game.

      I poke you deep deep at your blog; you poke me back here ;)

      By the way, it's not emo lah! It's drama :)

      Hmm. When are you going to let hair down and have some fun?

      Show us pictures of you fishing catch? You do have a life besides working and investing you know?

      That would be more interesting than you showing us your powerpoint charts and graphs on you hitting your 101st record... Again....

      We are happy for you for the 1st time, 2nd time, and maybe 3rd time... It wears a bit thin after that...

      Don't hit the face!


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