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Friday, 28 March 2014

How To Catch Stardust?

Spread out your hands as wide as you can!

With palms facing up.

If you need visual aid, just scroll all the way down to my profile pic at the bottom of this blog.

Tip: This post is "labelled" under Metaphysics.


  1. What is the duration period to catch a handful of stardust?
    Duration = go long or short?

    1. Money Honey,

      Sometimes to catch the thing we desire, instead of running after it, it may come to us if we stand still.

      As for your question, it takes as long as the time you need to press the mouse clicks ;)

      When the time comes, we will know it - just like stardust.

      Whether we can act on it is another matter - it depends on whether our minds are running or still.

    2. Quote : "Sometimes to catch the thing we desire, instead of running after it, it may come to us if we stand still."

      Go fishing. You will be doing that naturally.


    3. CW,

      That's the reason we can poke each other silly until we look like Swiss cheese.

      We are opposite sides of the SAME coin ;)

  2. Everything intact. Only waiting for the "Easterly Wind" to blow the STAR DUST.

    1. temperament,


      I see we "veterans" have our Money Management down pat.

      I guess after going through a few market cycles, our Mind knows when to stop chasing for maximised returns.

      CW tan ku ku. I spread out my arms for stardust. You waiting for "Easterly Wind".

  3. Sometimes the comment section is a much more insightful read than the actual post. Sometimes.

    Nonetheless keep your posts coming. 10 out of 10 posts, you offer a broad range of topics and somehow, your readers tend to connect them back to the market.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks L Young!

      I appreciate your comment ;)

      Help keeps this blog from getting too "incestuous"... LOL!

      When I wrote this post, I was sharing my reflection on the spiritual side.

      It's fun to read the comments and I find myself receiving a lot back in return. Sometimes we go off tangent, but that's the fun side of bogging!

      My role is merely to light up a matchstick and see what happens next-

      some will bring firewood to start a camp fire

      some pour water; I am fire hazard?

      some bring their maggi mee pot to cook supper

      and some will poke - use lighter lah!

      My niche I guess is to point at the clouds in the sky and flowers on the ground from time to time ;)

  4. Replies
    1. almost one month without blogging!!

    2. its harder then i thought! testing my patience.

    3. LOL!

      When I saw a big jump in 4 comments to this post, I knew it must be you!

      Welcome back!

      I was thinking you went with family for March holiday gai gai - radio silence for so long...

      Same old same old. Rain took laundry in. Rained a bit and I go "like that only?"

      Bring laundry out again.

      I getting good at housework. Now to look for a aggressive career lady so I can be her Man-Friday :)

    4. i had been under study my investment guru, learning from him how to invest sucessfully. we also play billiard together.

      he own some silly stocks for years and never touch them, never even look at them, don't even know their price! thats why i decided to learn from him, my hero!

      oh, he never make money, in fact he lost quite a bit in stocks investing throughout the years.

    5. i also upgraded 2 important things, one is my desktop (again), another is my trading system. systems 12.1 i think, sorry lost count!

    6. believe me or not, for the whole time i am still sitting in front of my desktop, trading as usual, and watching snooker, songs bla bla bla.

      like i said, learn to sit tight.

    7. coconut,

      Ah! Learning kung fu! Good, good ;)

      From what you say, you've the right guru. I never trust a "guru" who only "knows" winning trades or investment. (I see you!)

      New machine and new software - you have a new Matrix!

      Eh, Keeanu, please beat the machines this time?

    8. its a matter of time i have to tranforms myself from pure speculator to investor, the sooner the better.

      i did some changes to the money management hence my trading system to cater for my new adventure.

    9. i also spent a lot of time with my buddy who always comment i don't know how to enjoy life! i also learn from him a lot lately on how to enjoy life.

      his way of enjoying life is doing nothing, just play or drinking coffee, no work, not even trading where you can make some money, not even that! its a waste of time he say.

      what a guru!

    10. coconut,

      Yes, it's about adapting and accepting the different phases of our lives.

      I had my HK man of leisure encounter; you have your guru friend.

      The best form of evangelism is living the life you preach - bliss, happy, contented, accepting of diversity.

      No need to stress and set goals like 1 cell group in each HDB block. People will come like stardust :)

    11. i just not about to give up trading, not yet.

      trading is not about searching gold from the mountain, its more like digging gold from the ground. its a lot of hard work, capital, tools and skill and know where to dig. for every one ton of soul there probably about a gram of gold, many will go broke.

      one day i will follow CW go fishing.

    12. in a speculative world view, if someone point a pistol at me, i will draw mine and try to fire first, thats survival/trading instinct. i had been doing it all a long.

      now i came to the investment world where everyone is pointing their pistol at everyone! i have to resist firing and expose to great "danger".

      don't think they will not fire their pistol though, in investing world, when they fire, they will fire at once all at the same time at he same target.

    13. LOL!

      I think I better don't listen to someone who is learning about "investing" talk "investing" ;)

      You talk trading I all ears!

      lah la la lah lah lah

    14. smol, don't learn from the expert like CW, it easy for them but difficult for us, we learn nothing from it.

      learn from the non expert where you can learn all their mistake! stop doing the mistake and you will become expert, easy?!

    15. through this period i ponder whether i can cross 2 major obsticle or not namely in order of difficulty,

      1, sitting tight, and i mean real tight,

      2, with stand larger drawdown during down cycle.

      usually for active traders we will have a cut off point for drawdown like 10 or 20% of equity, and all positions will be cut and trading halt, but for long term investing, a 50% or more drawdown is not uncommon!

      if 50% drawdown applies to trading, its time to retire haha.

    16. Pain threshold of retail investors can be high with regular doses of dividends as Panadol.


    17. coconut,


      I am cheerleader of thinking for ourselves and walking our ow paths ;)

      We are all fellow journey companions here. Just as long we can cross the Eastern Sea, who cares HOW we did it?

      Speculators, savers, traders, investors - all sama sama lah.

    18. dividend and 10 panadol a day? i'm afraid not enough le.

      but i do learn from my friend, act blur!

    19. i know i know, we have to walk our own path, that i know!

      even with that we still got to see what the hell we are walking on, you don't walk bare foot on chaco (fire) while CW have his fire proof boots on! he will be laughing at us!

    20. No fire proof boots.

      Only have fishing rod and plenty of spare baits


    21. Ha! Ha!
      And what kinds of weather what kinds of fishes? Or what kinds of weather better go home and sleep?

    22. LOL!

      All of sudden, fishing is not as simple as it looks...

      Everyone knows; but few can ACT on what they know.

      Trees don''t go chasing and wandering around. They just stand there and spread their arms. Got sunlight and water, trees are immortal.

    23. ya i think so, fishing is more like trading than investing. need a lot of baits and toools and patient, also got to be good at reading weather.

      investing on the other hand, er more like a tree. as long as you pass the initially state and avoid URA, man you are going to be a big tree without doing anything.

    24. coconut,

      Your physics strong; but biology...

      Evidently you have not watched documentaries on how trees "cannibalised" each other fighting for sunlight.

      Veteran traders and investors all look like ducks - calm on the surface, but paddling like mad under the waterline.

      That's the strength of newbies and the young - fearless ;)

  5. Trees in Singapore fear LTA, URA and HDB!

    1. CW,


      At private landed estates, neighbours may fight when dead leaves from one's garden drops over to the other side...

      I got one ex-colleague who bought a town-house and her neighbour tried to "bully" her (seeing she lives alone) by insisting she cut the tree in my ex-colleague's yard.

      Lucky my colleague is a strong-willed single lady - talk to the hand you pesky neighbour! LOL!

      You got me thinking..

      Everyone wants passive income. But like tress, there is no such thing as "passive".

      You want to enjoy the shade and the fruits from trees?

      Need to sweep the dead leaves, accept the occasional ants and insects, and must prune the branches least thunder storms come - we don't want broken branches and uprooted trees do we?

      Passive my foot!


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