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Monday, 3 March 2014

Difference between men and women - Making decisons for others

Check with your own experiences and see if this is true?

Men have no problem giving advice and offering solutions for others. Even when it's impromptu or caught by surprise.

Don't even need 10 minutes to think about it. Immediately we go into the mode of "wau kali kong" or "I tell you so".

Yes, it's the same man when making a decision for himself may take hours, days, weeks, months....

That's why there are more sheep than shepherds. 

Shepherds make decisions; sheep follow the decisions of others.

Women when asked for advice, what do they do? They listen first. Then they ask boat-loads of probing questions back in my face!!!

As a man, I sometimes regret I asked and say never mind... I have enough problem with one question. I don't need more questions to drown me! Hello!

But stranger things have happened... In the still of the night, I've got my answer.

The next morning, I gave the little woman a light kiss on her forehead while she sleeps.

Ever happened to you?

What's that you say?

What about women men, and women women? 

Wait! (I now looking down my pants to check)

Confirm. I still only a man.

Only can speak from experience on men men and men women.


  1. "... I now looking down my pants to check ... Confirm. I still only a man."


    hahaha ...

    1. Money Honey,

      Try as I do to get in touch with my feminine side (or has it gone out of fashion already?), it's not the same as listening to the real deal ;)

  2. Difference between men and women?

    Here are the answers :-


    1. Hey!

      You the best!

      Still remember my old post :)


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