Tuesday 11 March 2014

Fallen leaves, frostbite, and are you expendable?

The recent hot spell and "drought" in Singapore is causing our trees to shed leaves like crazy in order to minimise water loss through transpiration.

I guess our trees are hunkering down till the rain comes again.

For adventurers caught in a blizzard while mountaineering or traversing across our Arctic and Antarctic poles, our bodies do behave like trees do in a crisis.

Body heat is concentrated to our vital organs like the heart, lungs, and brains. 

Our toes being furthest from our "core", is sacrificed to frostbite...

During times of plenty, we may complain about the heat or the cold of our job.

Maybe we would like to take a step back and find out whether we are the "core", or are we the leaves and toes...

If you belong to the "core", nothing to see here. Move along now. 

If you are the leaves or toes, this is the time where you may discover the difference between knowledge and applied knowledge 

For investors who are 100% vested, it's a good exercise to identify which are the leaves or toes in your portfolio.

In a stressful market sell-off, you don't want to panic sell your "core" and keep the leaves and toes by mistake!



  1. Dropped many leaves but no sign of winter.


    1. CW,

      Well, at least I am getting lots of practice on "sitting tight".

      One day the other shoe will drop.

      Until then, the current shoe we are wearing is doing well. Can't complain right?

  2. Maybe winter has come to china early... Haha... But just the start, not time to sing "let it go" yet!

    1. sillyinvestor,

      China got it's first corporate bond default since the war now over there...

      The Shanghai composite index has been in winter mode since 2011 - talk about blizzard hunkering down!

      It was not so long ago where any stock with a China word in them were hotly pursued by anyone and everyone all over the world.

      Experience is a wonderful thing. What doesn't kill us will make us stronger.

      Can sacrifice the leaves and my toes, if needed. But never lose sight of my "core" ;)


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