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Monday, 10 February 2014

We may need to change ant baits

I don't like ants.

Especially in my food or drinks.

I've been buying those ant baits that will slowly poison the whole ant colony when the unsuspecting worker ants bring the "bait" back to their colonies.

It worked well for the first few times. Ants free for a few months until new Queen ants migrate into my HDB flat again...

I noticed that I have to change the brand of the baits a few times. But now, all these ant baits don't work anymore...

I suspect before the ants die, they must have left behind some chemical messages like what cavemen do for cave paintings - leave their stories behind. And warnings for future generations.

Now I am back to the tried and tested way of insecticides. I think I am slowly poisoning myself breathing in the poison mist as payback karma...

Last weekend, something interesting happened to our Big Daddy. I remember a time when pioneering ex-MPs wished for some preferential treatments from Lao Lee but were politely turned downed.

It seems we have a change of heart. New Daddy discovered new treatment of children is needed.

I guess its the same for wiser and enlightened parents. They discover they need to treat their teenage children differently. More equally as young adults than still hang on to the notion that as parents, they can still "control" their children like when they were 7 or 8 year olds...

As investors, have we not discovered that the same setups that worked during 2009 to 2012 didn't work as well in 2013? Especially after STI topped in May 2013.

Have you changed ant baits recently too? Care to share your experience?



  1. You didn't try keeping your food tightly covered or wrap up.

    No idling food around to find. Soon the ants will migrate to other house.

    You may spot one or two ants on recce from times to times but you won't see an army of ants.

    Change your habits instead of changing baits???


    1. CW,

      You are so right!

      Change is still needed; just different solutions ;)

    2. Same as investing and trading, after changing a few "baits" and doesn't seem to work anymore, it is time to change our inner self.

      Most of us don't think changing our habits is part of the solutions.


    3. CW,

      Couldn't agree with you more.

      The fault lies with me for tempting the ants ;)

    4. wow CW, "high view" "high view"!!

      nothing to add haha...

    5. oh ya, keep a cat in the house, then you wouldn't have too many others unwanted guest.

    6. no la! ants too small, but others flying insacts and house lizard.

      you think they came to your house for friendly visits? like cw said, cut their food source and they woundn't come!

    7. watch these video and you will like cats...


    8. House cats become too fat or heavy to jump.



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