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Monday, 24 February 2014

How to offend people without trying

1)  You bump into your friend who is with her two daughters. You point to the younger daughter and shoot your mouth, "Mei mei is so much cuter than jie jie!"

Right in front of jie jie and her now fuming mom.

2)  At the company's dinner and dance, after a few drinks, you went up to the mic and exclaim, "Peter is the best manager in the whole company!"

Your immediate boss (not Peter) is not smiling, and the CEO (whom Peter reports to)  is smiling uncomfortably.

3)  At the HDB heartland hawker center, you are scolding your son, who has just missed 1 point from getting full marks, "If you don't study hard, you'll be condemned to staying in HDB next time you grow up!"   

Everyone stops eating and is now staring at you. Yeah you!


  1. Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can invest today to get 6-7% passive income.



    people just refuse to see reality reality?

    1. CW,

      I know you meant well, and sometimes we need to be direct to shake people out of their complacencies.

      But we don't have to "put down" one group to "boost" others. All we need is some change of england:

      1) If you don't have goals in investing, you will end up like AVERAGE Singaporeans (who lived in HDB).

      2) If you apply yourself in investing, you will more likely to achieve what you set out to seek. (My cheer-leading version)

      I added the (who lived in HDB) so you may empathise those who are AVERAGE feels when you talk down to us.

      Imagine if a young Turk made statement 1. How would you feel?

      Limpeh got set investing goals, got 10 baggers, and investing performance got fight with Temasek some more! What talking him? Just because I live in HDB I am average?

      I hate it when teacher bring up in class the top student Peter and question why we can't be more like him... That's because I am Jared! Why do we assume everyone wants to be top student?

      Maybe that's how I became cheerleader. I started with cheer-leading myself ;)

  2. Most of us will likely to end up as Average when we don't put in significant effort to rise above Average.

    Average house (HDB), performance, pay, bonus, driver, average this and average that.

    Average is the norm for people who put in enough effort to keep it going.

    Okay to be average. Right?

    Bosses cannot have all super performaners in their team. Where to find the budget to pay them high bonuses and commissions?

    Average is welcome.


    1. CW,

      Average is welcome, but you would never want to be caught being average....

      We sometimes like to see the world through the lens of our self-image. You may feel 10% returns is above average. But...

      An elderly couple in their 70s may be more interested in capital protection - 3-4% is optimum enough. They recognise they are fragile.

      A young 20 plus may seek a 20% return and consider 10% as setting too low a bar. Being young, he doesn't mind losing his capital since he can make it back. Time is on his side.

      Your high bar can be someone's average.


  3. how to survive in trading if these are offending? you are just preparing for your own down fall.

    not even close man.

    1. most likely he or she will get pretty upset when they encounter losses. in another words, they can't handle losses.

    2. oh by the way, market don't speak english!

    3. coconut,

      Long time no cross swords. On guard!

      1) How do you rate yourself as a trader?

      2) Against what benchmark, if any?

      3) I can feel your passion in trading. Have you ever applied to be a institutional trader at the investment banks or prop shops where they let you trade other people's money?

    4. 1, poor.

      2, against myself,

      3, i apply to myself and got employed.

    5. 3 stupid answer but i'm being honest really!

      lately i been more into cosmology stuff, you know about the multi-universe and QM, there is a lot of things to learn there.

      it involves with numbers and uncertainties also..

    6. ya, one thing i will never do is to trade others people's money.

    7. coconut,

      As a fellow chess player, you know where I am leading you with my 3 questions.

      Thankfully your answers didn't disappoint me.

      A trader who walks his own path like you won't go round telling other traders that your way is the only way ;)

      You are not offended; neither am I. Just banging my little hammer and bell:


      It's never about numbers or languages - these are mere tools.

      It's about HOW we use these tools ;)

  4. I think it's the lack of empathy. Or maybe in the heat of anger or joy, you forgot to think in other people's shoes.

    I'm a victim of positive discrimination during most of my schooling days (mainly because of my good results), so I've learnt a lot on how to downplay my achievements and highlight others. Turns out that this is rather good for my career as a tutor because I'm not scared of making mistakes (since I'm not any cleverer than them - downplaying my achievements) and I'm rather patient (I empathise with others and always think that they are on the verge of improving if I only give them an opportunity to shine).

    On another note, being honest can be offensive to some. I think honesty cannot be an excuse for being cruel.

    1. LP,

      Ah! Positive and negative discrimination.

      It can be quite lonely in school and in the corporate world when we don't fit in to "average" or "mainstream".

      Anton Casey was being honest, but look at the ire he caused.

      And we wonder why our neighbours consider us Singaporeans arrogant and proud... Try reminding others they are more "average" than us.


  5. STAMFORD, Connecticut: Veteran wrestler Hulk Hogan has returned to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after a six-year absence, and is set to host its WrestleMania 30 wrestling event which will be held in New Orleans on April 6.

    Hulk Hogan, whose real name is Terry Gene Bollea, began his career in the late 70s and shot to fame in the 80s, as part of the World Wrestling Federation which went on to become the WWE, but later left the organisation.

    “It’s fitting to have him help us celebrate 30 years of WrestleMania,” said WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon in a media statement on Tuesday.

    “Words cannot express how excited I am to be back in the WWE family,” said Hulk Hogan.

    “I only have one question for the WWE Universe: whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild as the host of WrestleMania 30?”

    While he appears to be enthusiastic about his return, it is still unclear what the 60-year-old wrestler’s role will be at WWE after WrestleMania 30.

    - CNA/ha

    1. CW,

      Now that's a blast of nostalgia!

      Sadly Randy Macho Man Savage is no longer with us.

      WWF Wrestle Mania has accompanied me during my 2 years of NS from 86-87. Especially during the burned nights and weekends doing duty storeman. Those were the VHS days :)

    2. just wonder why people like to watch wrestling?

      is it a sport or a show or a play or a joke? i don't get it!

    3. Fake it well. People will believe and like it.

      Honestly state the reality and fact. Some will deny, defend or feel offended.

      You can see how "Gurus" fake it in their free previews.

      Same as WWF Wrestle Mania?

    4. CW,

      Well, at least these "gurus" know HOW to package their message to make it palatable to their audience.

      I not sure which spiritual faith you are more aligned to, but all faiths have parables showing how the founders used different methods and vehicles to help their flock see the "truth".

      People are different.

      It's definitely not "repent or you go to hell" one size fits all preaching ;)

  6. coconut,

    And there are people who wonder what's the fun in looking at stars ;)

    Wrestlers are great athletes, stuntmen, and actors all rolled-into one.

    Some watch TV, some go to the movies, some watch operas.

    There are some who only read non-fiction professional books - very practical and functional; always have a purpose or goal in what they do.

    Time is too short for them to waste their time on fairy tales, poetry, plays, and other frivolous activities.

    Sit next to these people they can only talk shop. Boring...

    Well,at least with you, if we don't talk about trading, we still can talk about the stars, have a game of chess, or you can teach me how to play snooker?

  7. haha the reason i ask cos i really can't understand whats the enjoyment is about, please forgive me for ignorance.

    people who into comology not becos they like to see stars or stuff, they want to find out something, they want to know "how" is it it is and not "why" is it it is.

    a bit like how did i come here and not why did i come here. or in trading, how to make money and not why market go up or down.

    i learn long ago if i want to find why, i will never get the true answer just like the one i ask about wrestling.

    1. i tell you why modern cosmology is so interesting, cos to just understand it, we have to get off our planet earth to "visualise" it, think in terms of logic and yes, patterns that we don't normally experience on earth. away from the daily experience we encounter, very much like learning about the market, where we must not get our everyday experience influence our understanding of the market and trading itself.

      doing expariemnt in astrophysic or particles is like expariment on our trading systems i guess.

    2. coconut,

      You know what?

      That's what I try to achieve through meditation. See myself from outside looking in.

      Maybe that's what great meditation masters see when they are at one with the universe - view planet earth from the cosmos looking down?

      I not so ambitious. I still wondering what is my true nature before there was Jared???

  8. i rather befriend with 快 人 快 语 then with 变 幻 莫 测。
    The former may hurt me unknowingly but at least i can take remedy.
    The latter is like the market if i am not careful i don't even know how i have been "slaughtered".
    "死 了 还 不 知 怎 样 死"

    1. temperament,


      There are people whom we may have known for many years, yet we have no clue where they stand - now that's deep!

      1) My first impression of coconut is what an idiot when I first encountered him at a trader's (Fat) blog! No one posts comments like the way he does!!!

      But once we interacted, I got used to his 快 人 快 语 and that's where the fun starts!

      If we had not interacted, well... You know what they say about first impressions. LOL!

      2) I interacted with CW for over 2 years before I feel comfortable poking him at his blog. Through our posts, he knows where I stand, and I know where he stands. We are definitely not sitting on the fence shy violets!

      CW is left-brained, black and white, and totally logical.

      I am right-brained, shades of grey, and about feelings.

      Talk about contrast!

      I don't think we can have a civil but robust debate if we had not built up this relationship first :)

  9. Ha! Ha!
    To think of it we all have been blogging aka blowing trumpets (sometimes) at each others for > then 2 years already. Hey i like coconut he may be very open but can make you look at things very differently.

    1. temperament,

      That's the beauty of diversity!

      coconut is so cute! He's an original!

      And you temperament have your unique reputation at ValueBuddies ;)

      My posts are mere "invitation to poke".

      I suspect most readers come to my blog to read the interesting comments than my actual posts.

      I love to sing song here and there.

      If it ain't fun, I would have stopped blogging long ago!

  10. No! No!
    We all find our own way to let go "steam".
    Without you and CW and the rest of the bloggers, we may have to let go "steam" somewhere else.

    1. temperament,

      Naughty, naughty.

      Orchard towers or Desker Road?

      Wear raincoat and sunglasses ;)

  11. OH..... SMOL,
    You jolly know well that's not what i mean.
    Far from it.
    Pardon me if i offense some readers.

    1. Hee hee,

      Never to offend; only to titillate.

      Bad boy, bad boy (I now humming to Ah Mei's song)


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