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Thursday, 6 February 2014

There is a season for everything

The moon waxes; the moon wanes

The tides rise; the tides fall

So goes the fortunes of nations and man

Full of sound and fury; and then we are heard no more

There is a season for planting; there is a season for harvesting. 
When night recedes, the rooster crows it morning call



  1. A little gentle reminder to myself that a market pullback is the season for planting ;)

  2. Waiting for cold season to plant winter seeds.

    1. CW,


      It's a gentle reminder to myself that it's not time yet.

      Still can do a bit of buy-the-dip (buy Keppel at $10.30 or below and sell t $10.90 or above) trading to pass time.

      But no touch serious money yet ;)

      Hold. Hold. Only fire till you see the whites of their eyes ;)


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