Friday, 12 July 2013

The Centre Of The Universe

I was having this conversation with my trading friend coconut in my previous post.

Found this video with a simple explanation on why there is no centre in the universe.

But with the sidewalk and balloon examples, my mind still "sees" a centre?

Isn't the guy in the middle of the sidewalk the centre?

Isn't the centre of the ballon the centre?

LOL! I blame it on my low intellect...

I guess that's why most of us need an anchor. A bias. A perspective to look outwards from.

Spiritually, seeing a centre where there is non can bring up quite a hornet's nest of debates between faith and science. OK, I'll stop here. I am dumb; but I am not stupid!

Let's talk trading instead! With a big up day yesterday, and a blow-out Singapore GDP this morning, how many expected the STI to be in the red today? Talk about reversal day!

It's about bias or perspective no? 

If you were bullish, you may have jumped on board yesterday only to be disappointed today.

If you were bearish, you would have sold into the rally yesterday, and glad you did this morning!

But if STI were to rally to 3300 next week, the sentiments of those who bought and sold yesterday would switch again!

Perhaps in the investing and trading universe, there is no centre too?

I guess the only truth that matters is the money in your pocket.



  1. Not just money in your pocket but make it safe too.

    1. LOL!

      OK, make it our home safe too!

      After the precedent in Cyprus (now template for all of EU), money in the bank is not the same as money under the mattress.

  2. what would you believe?

    what you actually see vs what is actually there? art vs science?

    1. coconut,

      What we see or hear may not be the truth.

      We believe what we want to believe.

      And what we believe today may change tomorrow.

      Once upon a time, man believed Earth was the centre of the universe.

    2. ok ok, i better not get into this subject, wait stone flying everywhere.

    3. just my point of view on whats my believe, do not believe in what i'm believing!


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