Monday 22 July 2013

Art of Goal Setting

If you've set a goal, and is totally convinced anyone and everyone can achieve it, you may want to pause and reflect why you set the goal in the first place?

If it's a personal goal, hey! Whatever makes you happy!

But if it's a goal you want to present to your overlord while working for others; you may want to cease and desist.

If you are a business owner or a manager, and your minion submitted such a goal to you, what's your first impression?

Let's pretend you've taken a liking to this minion and you would like to groom this person to greater responsibilities. How would you get your point across without dampening the minion's enthusiasm?  



  1. I like to set my own goals but don't like other people set for me.


    1. CW,

      Ah! That's perhaps why so many people seek financial freedom through monkey see monkey do "speculations".

      There are alternative paths - switch to hunter professions, work for yourself, etc.

      Although the odds are no better than "speculations" :(


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