Tuesday 9 July 2013

A buddhist humour on perspective

A student is on one side of a raging river. There are no bridges. He has no boat. He shouts out to the master on the opposite bank. “How do I get to the other side?” 

The master shouts back: “You are on the other side.” 

For those of you who grew up with Sesame Street like me, you may recall Ernie trying to explain to Berd the difference between here and there. That's a funny sketch right?

Beyond the humour, there's something profound underneath. But reflect on it first before reading further - that's if you have the preference to think for yourself.

From our perspective - and we often think we are the centre of the universe - where we stand is here and on the right side. Other people are standing over there on the other side.

What happens if you are a 3rd party looking at both student and master?

What if you are the student and you have the ability to look at yourself from outside looking in?

If you take away the concept of "I", where do place here and there?

Show me the money

For those more practical and not into mumbo jumbo, let's use this investing/trading example. 

If you place an order to buy an equity, you may be thinking who is this idiot selling to you at this attractive price? Surely you won't be buying if you think the price is expensive right?

Similarly, the seller may also be wondering who is this dump money that is still buying at this rich valuation? Now why would the seller be selling if he thinks the price is cheap?

Who is right?

Can both be right?

Can both be wrong?



  1. One buys, another sells, someone waits.

    All three think that they are smart.

    One analyst calls for buy, another analyst calls for sell.

    Both think that they are smart.

    When support/resistance level is near, the brokers tell 50% of their clients to sell, the other 50% to buy.

    50% of their clients think that their brokers are smart.

    Since all are so smart, where do the Greater Fools come from?

    The stock market is weird. Right?

    1. CW,

      The market is where dragons and snakes mingle to feed on the hopes and dreams of the participants.

      If you are not either a dragon or snake, then it's likely we are items on the menu.

      The stock market is not our mother.

  2. i done it before and will do it again surely.

    i bot from myself, means i sold to myself as well!

    why? becos i forgot to pull out my buy order (or sell) when i sold at the same price.

  3. and who says we are not at the center of the universe? we all are!

    1. why, becos there is no center to began with.

    2. long long time ago when the start of the big bang, ....

      haha forget it!

    3. i have this theory, where universe(s) is forever exist, we are part of the universe, we too are forever exist.

      but the existence is not what you think of existing, after life, haven or hell, just exist or more accurately, awareness.

      just ask yourself, why here why now? based on physic, you know whats the probability of us existing? next to zero! we so lucky mah?

    4. every time when the word "trading" and "universe" appear, my brain fire up haha.

    5. coconut,

      Radio silence for a while; return with a bang!

      Your science very de good!

      I saw a documentary once that shows the the universe has no centre - but I have difficulty visualising the concept fully. My mental image always have a "centre" point of reference :(

      A long way to go before discarding the concept of "I"...

    6. ya, impossible to visualise 4 dimention space time, use 3 dimention to visuallise and add a little immagination.

      the best way is use the surface of a balloon representing the visible universe, the universe will curle back onto itself like a balloon, everywhere on the balloon surface is not the center, or you can say everywhere is the centre if you string (reduce) the balloon into a point.

    7. the universe also has no boundary, is like you try and walk around the earth and you cannot find the end point, you just keep going round and round. you may pass by the same point (like your house), but the point actually had change through time so you can never pass by the same point (or your house) so to speak.

      so when you look through the sky, you are not looking further away, you are looking back in time.

    8. i think my question of "why here why now" is quite profond haha, thats leads me to think the forever exist theory where its a self awearness, of not you and me, but the universe itself.

    9. coconut,

      Universe exist forever? I am biased towards nothing is forever.

      It's like what you have said previously:

      you may pass by the same point (like your house), but the point actually had change through time so you can never pass by the same point (or your house) so to speak.

      Now that's brilliant!

    10. thats not what i mean, our visible universe do born and dies, just like you and me but not the universe(s) or i shall call it exitence (universes).

      when a giant stars dies, it collapes into a singularity, or "disappear" but it does exist and influence (black holes) our visible universe.

      something is exist beyond our visible universe but no way to see or measure it, multiple universes perhaps.

    11. hay, esinstain is the one who insist what we call cosmology constant, or exist forever, he call a blunder after the discovery of an expanding universe. but now, he may be right after all!

      always trust your instinct!

    12. i think i better joint a science club or something,

      hows your eur trade? still holding? next time tell me eailer when you put on your trade, didn't i told you before!


    13. Tell me about it!

      Nearly got a heart attack yesterday! EUR reversed all the way to 1.32 from 1.28 - just 50 pips from my 1.3250 entry!!!

      Learned a valuable lesson: I succumbed to greed :(

      1st target 1.2950 hit! 2nd target 1.2850 hit!

      Did I sell? No! I was gunning for a break of 1.2750. Too greedy!

      On hindsight, I should have sold half my position at 1.2850...

      Now I just sit tight. If trailing stopped out, it would be an opportunity for me to re-enter at higher prices like 1.33 or 1.34

      Reading about staying with the long term trend and ignoring the intermediate corrective moves is one thing; now that I've experienced it, man it's tough!

      How I wish I can be a day trader with no overnight positions - everyday is a new day! But that's not me :(


    14. ya, thats why having a plan is important in your case (my through singals) i thought when you mentioned 2950, 2850 and that surpose to be your exit point, apparantly you did not, talk for what?!

      don't base on hindsight! base on whats on your plan! no plan don't trade.

      i agree nowadaysss market is very wild, either go for super long term or super short term, in the middle will get chopped haha. short term means getting in and out and in again fast, not necessary day trade, but base on your plan.

    15. you sound like having 2 plan, one to trend follow and one to take profit, in the mid of it you lost yourself and don't know what to do? didn't you get it?

      its very important to have a plan or strategy (advance plan)... haha i don't know how to continue what i'm saying, the market interrupted me...

      anyway plan plan plan before execution.

    16. oh ya, plan means execute according to what is plan, no second guessing, no hasitation what so ever! and don't look back!!!

    17. coconut,

      I would be just as miserable if I sold at 1.2850 and then it broke down to 1.2750 and then 1.25... LOL!

      I was surprised by how fast the price fell to 1.2850... Changed my plan mid-stream. My bad!

    18. you can never be happy when comes to profit or loss, you can feel miserable even you make money! thats trading. don't count the money, count the plan. meaning happy or not based on whether you stick to plan or not, not by counting money.

      got to go, very busy haha....

    19. coconut,

      Message received with gratitude.

      It's very clear I have much to work on on discipline.


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