Saturday 6 July 2013

It's the adjective silly! Never the noun.

We often like to use labels on others and ourselves.

I guess as gregarious social animals (I certainly don't think humans are the chosen ones on this planet), we feel a lot better belonging to a group. There is safety in numbers.

Who wants to be the odd one out?

If things go wrong, we can say: "Others also do it what! Not only me OK?" 

The price of membership? Monkey see; monkey do.

We focus on nouns and labels like:

I am XX born and bred, you foreign talent.

I am investor, you trader.

I man, you woman.

You get the message.

With membership, we expect certain natural benefits and entitlements. Thinking that just by naming ourselves as part of a group, we are superiour than thou.

However, just like my school science experiments, we quickly realise that oil rise to the top, water stays in the middle, and sediments stay at the bottom.

Yup, there is a hierarchy or distribution curve in each labelled group. OK, meritocracy is a bitch! Who ever said life is fair?

What's the differentiating factor? The adjectives!

If you want to hire someone, or find a partner for life, what do you look for? Definitely not "Oh! He is a man and is from XX, that will do." 
So what are these adjectives?

Sorry I won't patronise you. You have the answers yourself. 

If you don't or can't figure it yourself, then nothing I or others say matter.



  1. This is some cheem stuff.

    "Cheem" is an adjective.

    I found the answer! ;)

    1. Hi AK,

      Do you ride a 'yellow' bike and cross my path on Thu night?!?

      'Yellow' is a simple adjective. :P

    2. Hi EY,

      Nope. Not been out cycling in weeks. I think my interest in cycling could have died. Thank goodness I bought a cheap bicycle. ;p

      Oh, "cheap" is an adjective. LOL

    3. Hello AK,

      This post is inspired from the comment I made in your blog. As usual, I sugar-coated it to encompass beyond a parochial view of financial objectives.

      It's amazing some people can't read between the lines.

      1) You have already hinted you were not adding to more REITs BEFORE the recent May correction. Some did the opposite actions to you and are now asking you how to assuage their buyer's remorse?

      2) Your China MingZhong trades can be a good example of building a core position slowly or about scaling in and out.

      After you bought your INITIAL stake, it nose dived badly (you are mortal). You took advantage of the market's panic (you are not headless chicken?). Then the price roared back up up and away!

      After more share dilutions, you expressed puzzlement that the price is still at $1.20? (I laughing you must have taken some money off the table)

      Now price at $1.00 :)

      2 persons can own the same stock; one make money, one lose money. Yup, it's the adjective; never the noun.

      It's easier to read each blog post as a singular event than reading your whole blog in totality.

      A LAZY "investor/trader" can be most costly.

      Copying what you do is different from getting inspirations from your thought processes and internalising those ideas that jell with our own temperaments.

      Now that's what I call respecting your tireless efforts to engage and educate ;)

      Eh! I thirsty now...

    4. Hi AK,

      Lucky you clear your name here or I would be hanging piggy head on your blog or ambush you with rotten eggs for cutting into my path within such short notice. Got scared the moonlight out of me lor.:P The adjective for you would have changed from 'respectable' to 'inconsiderate'! LOL~

      Hi SMOL,


      You spoke my mind as well! I sometimes read those requests and responses at AK's blog and roll my eyes.

      Getting educated requires putting in our own effort. Not simply seeking free advice outright as if it is AK's obligation to share. :(

      Anyway, I admire you guys for spending your time to blog and tirelessly engaging strangers. I have neither your patience nor EQ. Happier as a reader who can make mindless comments on your blogs. :P

      You go, gentlemen! 3 cheers to you both! :D


  2. Hi SMOL,

    I like this post, talking about breed and pedigree!

    Value-laden arbitrary classifications propagate discrimination. Mongrels and longkang cat might not sit anywhere high on the hierarchy but they deserve their places too. Can we have a flat structure instead? :P's all about pride. Throw that away and the adjective that matters is 'happy'. :D


    1. Thank you Endrene!

      You never know, a longkang cat might turned out to be the next Singapura breed ;)

      Yes, if one is "happy" from within, nothing else really matters.

      A simple word, but it took me 40 odd years to see and appreciate the subtle differences from externally driven temporary emotions like: joy, elation, euphoria, ecstasy, etc.


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