Monday 31 December 2012

The Success Indicator

I found this simple poster which I like a lot.

I can see myself in both sides. 
Through cheerleading myself over the years, I guess I've developed and trained myself to practice the thoughts and habits on one side more than the other.

Don't get me wrong. It's not about "winning" or "beating" the other person. Everyone should have their own definition of "success".

For me, I do find certain thought processes and habits do make me happier. Hence the motivation to continue!

But one funny thing though. 

I've moved from never setting goals, to setting goals and life plans, and now I am back full circle to not setting goals.

Goal settings and KPIs worked great when I was a shepherd - how else to please my landowner and keep my sheep in line?    

Now that I am a Ronin (masterless samurai), I've no desire to subjugate myself to the same Jedi mind tricks I've used on others in the past. 

I've now switched to visualising techniques used by athletes. 

Instead of setting different separate goals on different aspect of my life - for eg, 5 years from now - I now visualise a holistic picture of:

1) How I want to look and feel.

2) The lifestyle I live.

3) The people and company I would like to keep.

4) My desired experiences.

5) And so on...       

This helps me to avoid the the skewed emphasis most people have when it comes to goal settings.

Frequently, our goal settings fall mainly on work and finances. And maybe health if you had a recent scare.

See What 5 balls? There's no balls; only you!


  1. How about visualising yourself jogging 5 Km along East or West Coast Park?

    1. CW,

      I am more a walker. Walk 1 hour on most nights, and 1 weekend walk around 3 hours.

      Queenstown good. Can walk to MacRitchie reservoir, Orchard road, Labrador park, Kent Ridge hill, Mount Faber, and other routes I create from time to time.

      Hmm, maybe I can walk from Queenstown to West Coast Park on of these weekends?

      Visualisation has to be complemented by actual practice. If not it's just idle thinking or day dreaming ;)

      My visualisation has the image of me roaming around other cities on foot during my travels. This means development in myself with regards to time, money, and health.

      And since I see myself chatting up the local "birds", need to maintain my communications and people skills too!

      Individual goal setting is like 4 blind men touching an elephant. I prefer to take a step back and see its an elephant I am looking at holistically ;)

  2. Hi SMOL,

    Thank you for the friendship and the timely nudges, in the virtual world though they may be. ;)

    Wishing you a happy and successful 2013! :)

    1. AK,

      And that's why I am still blogging after 2 years. It's the opportunity to "meet" people like you. Nudge nudge here; poke poke there. All in civility even if we disagree ;)

      Wishing you a happy and FUN 2013 too!

  3. Happy New Year SMOL!
    Walking adventures are fun!(I once had a crazy idea of walking around the entire island of Singapore. Am not writing it off yet...). How do you walk from Queenstown to MacRitchie Reservoir - is it off motor roads or through wooded areas?

    1. You too plumerainbow?

      From Queenstown to MacRitchie, I followed the same route as bus 93. I just walked on the pavement beside the main roads.

      I'm a city walker; wouldn't dare walk in the wooded area least I get lost! And I hate insects and spiders too. LOL! (OK, I'm like a girl)

      The longest I've walked is from Queenstown to Woodlands via Upper Bukit Timah following bus 961 route. One big advantage is I can take frequent pit-stops at the coffee shops and hawker centres along the way! Took me 4.5 hours I think?

      My next challenge is from Queenstown to Changi Point ;)


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