Tuesday 18 December 2012

The Peacock and the Fox

A peacock was very unhappy with his ugly voice, and he spent most of his days complaining about it.
"It is true that you cannot sing," said the fox, "But look how beautiful you are!"

"Oh, but what good is all this beauty," moaned the dishearten bird, "with such an unpleasant voice!"

"Oh hear," said the fox, "each one has it's special gift. You have such beauty, the nightingale has his song, the owl has his eyes, and the eagle his strength. Even if you had a eloquent voice, you would still complain about another thing."

Sounds familiar?

Make the most of our strengths and skill sets. 

And stop pouring cold water on yourself. There are many who will gladly do that to you - for free!


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_1P8b_z2rI


    1. AK,

      You naughty boy!

      Glad you having fun :)


    2. My niece listens to this and she is only 10...

      Katy is one of her favourite singers too!

  2. AK71!
    You! You! You very the naughty!
    SMOL not like that one?
    Ha! Ha! is the song on top of the chart?
    What the hell is she actually trying to sing? Fortunately, no teenagers in my home?
    Don't pour cold water on SMOL lay.
    He has the best intention for all of us, i believe.
    Nevertheless, if you just concentrate on the beat of the music, it's quite a good piece. But can you honestly say you did not concentrate on the wordings too? Or worse,paying all your attention on the peaCOCK and something else.
    Don't pour cold water on SMOL lay.
    Ha! Ha!

    1. temperament,


      Imagine you on the music loud loud and your children or wife walk in on you!?

      Now that's embarrassing!

    2. Hi temperament,

      SMOL talks about peacock and this song came to mind. Thought I share it with you guys here although totally unrelated to the spirit of the blog post. ;p

    3. Ha!Ha!
      AK & SMOL,
      No sweat one. I use cans to listen to music. So is my son. In this way we all keep our sanity and our private moments to our self. And at anytime we want, though living cheek by jowl.
      What's music to you may be noise to me.
      Ha! Ha!
      But Kathy Perry so far so good.

    4. 1) AK,

      Didn't know there's a song about "peacocks". Now I know! Thanks to you, I am one song closer to the younger generation!

      2) temperament,

      I almost tempted to say what songs the young are listening today!? Then I remember in the 80s, we have Cindy Lauper and Madonna:

      a) Girls just wanna have fun (I'm all for it!)

      b) Like a Virgin (Hey! That's where my "virgin" posts came about! LOL!)


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