Friday 4 January 2013

The 3 idiots - Inspirational and philosophical movie!

If you have 3 hours to spare this weekend, and you have broadband at home, I would heartily recommend this Bollywood movie that I watched on Youtube this New Year holiday.

There's English subtitles so no worries! I've cried, laughed, and cheered during the movie. What a roller coaster emotional ride!

I highly recommend it if you are:

1Still schooling and undecided whether to select a stream or faculty based on your interest or based on the lastest salary survey.

2)  Parents with children who are torn between "knowing what's best" for your child and wanting your child to be happy. And to be conscious of what "great expectations" can do to your child...

3)  In love and wishes to know if your significant other is an "ass-hole" or "price tag"; so you won't marry the "wrong" person.

4)  Gold-diggers, that's how you spot "ass-holes" and "price tags"! Happy hunting!

5)  Stressed with competing priorities between work and family

(There's a scene where these words were uttered: "There are many exams; but there's only 1 dad." My floodgates opened. Lucky I was at my silbing's home. No need to hold it in.              

6)  Genuine educators who passionately want to be part of an institution and profession that inspire enquiring minds - not a degree or paper qualification mill that produces exam smart students.

I am glad my silbing invited me to watch this movie. It was introduced by the church that my sibling went as part of their councelling sessions. 

One of their church member, who is a senior teacher, even brought it up to her school management to focus less on "collecting" achievements and awards. Bring the focus back to inculcating the joy of learning in their students!

There's light and hope

I support the Ministry of Education's recent move not to disclose publicly the PSLE results. Now that's a step in the right direction!

To the naysayers, how would you like it if the schools do a survey and reveal the rankings of how their students rate their parents? Or would you like it if your company publicly reveals the performance evaluation and ranking of all their employees?




  1. It has the highest rating in Hong Kong! I thought Roncho is very good looking.

  2. Oh! Thanks for the info anon 1:01!

    I didn't know that.

    I guess it struck a chord with the fast paced life of the Hong Kongers too :)

  3. It is the highest grossing Bollywood movie ever made.
    it is roughly based on a book by Chetan Bhagat titled "Five point someone" it is also a good read.

    1. Thanks VIRUS!

      I just found out from wikipedia too.

      I was in Athens during 2009. Didn't know that this movie was shown in Singapore and rest of Asia during that time.

      I am so behind! LOL!

  4. This is a great movie! I watched this right after my trip back from Ladakh (which is where the last scene was shot!). And friends have similarly said that they have never cried and laughed so much for the same movie before. It's also one of those movies where I secretly jot down names of cool places to visit in India :)

    1. Yes plumerainbow!

      I've only been to New Dehli and Mumbai for business...

      After watching the photos in your blog, I tell myself I must explore other parts of magical India ;)


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