Friday 14 December 2012

3 Archers Meet

A good day, a glorious day!

Today is when three archers meet

Laughter all round as each has their say

Not gold or silver in what they seek

Only their true hearts they do obey


  1. Hi SMOL,

    Sometimes, I tear because I am sad.

    Sometimes, I tear because I am happy.

    Sometimes, I tear because of onions.

    Sometimes, I tear because of smoke.

    This time, I tear because of SMOL's poetic effort.

    Do I tear because it is good or do I tear because it is bad? This is quite personal, I fear and will end my comment here.


    1. There you go AK!

      You too have made poetry ;)

      Following my heart don't always lead me to happiness and joy.

      Many mistakes and detours I have made.

      Regrets maybe...

      But at the end of my days, I can smile and say to myself I've lived!

    2. Hahaha.. This is really child's play. :)

      I have lost touch with poetry. There was a time when I would write poems just for fun and once, I even took part in a competition. Was given a book voucher as a prize too. Ah, those were the days, my friend. :)

  2. If the 3 of us were to be captured. Would this cut it? :P

    A good day, a glorious day!

    Today we have three archers' meat

    Passing all round as each one pray

    No bones or stings in what we eat

    Only our loud farts we won't say

    1. What a handsome threesome we would make!

      To be on someone's dining table? Step on the brakes!

      Religious man, I'm not; the prayer, I would not partake.

      Whoever dares to fart will get plugged by a stake!!!

    2. You both should go easy on the beans...

    3. SMOL: 1
      Visitors: 0

      You win liao. ;)

    4. Manners I learnt
      Though not very well
      Farting in public
      One should not tell

      Lapse in judgement
      Beauty begins to smell
      Forgive me dear sirs
      Don’t use stake to quell

    5. EY: 1
      AK: 0

      You win liao! Wahahaha... ;)

    6. SMOL,

      Picture is very artistic
      When and where the three archers meet
      The cockerel feign falling sick
      Stop boasting in the morning, noon and night
      No one, none dares team archer fight


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