Sunday 10 June 2012

West Coast Park - My Virgin Visit

Isn't yesterday's weather good?

It's the closest thing to outdoor air-con weather in Singapore after the early morning showers.

So I decided to visit West Coast Park for my daily walk exercise routine instead - a place I've never visited in all my 44 years in Singapore!

My first impression was wow when I saw the kids playground. My time don't have these cool contraptions and rides!

Eh... You mean I am supposed to balance and walk on the rope to get to the other end? Or am I supposed to jump over it? Is there an operating manual? LOL!

Now this space age contraption is more stylo than the metal structure I had in our HDB playground during my time. I remember climbing up to the top and dare not climb down... Malu (shameful) like hell. Have to wait for mommy to come rescue me some more...

I know first hand how the cat that got stuck in the tree must have felt!

This one even higher. Around 2 storey tall? With a awesome slide some more! Would any Singaporean parents allow their children to play on this contraption? So dangerous!

Wrong! Silly me. The young don't know what cannot be done! Good thing too their parents not around ;)

I must get back that wide-eyed innocence I used to know.

Cannot afford Universal Studios' rides never mind. The rides here are free!

It's not how much you have paid; it's more who you are having fun with.

I guess this is the "icon" for West Coast Park. 

There's no "coast" here like in East Coast Park mind you. It's more a "industrial" view - with power plants in the distance and PSA containers along the "coast".

Like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At least the young couple there at the jetty don't mind. 

Ah... When in love, we only see each other...

How is this for a pictorial on Singapore's gini coefficient?

One of the 3 squirrels I spotted as I walked all the way from the Marsh Garden at one end to the the Dog Run at the opposite end and back.

It's one of those days where everything seems to fall in place. I am happy.
If I have any complaints about Singapore, that's would be the burning noon day sun (that's for mad dogs and Englishmen).

Other than that, I am good. 

And contented.



  1. Boy, I'd imagine that must have been some very peaceful walk, Jarred :-) You're right, yesterday's weather was about the closest to outdoor aircon in crazy hot and humid Singapore. Having lived in cold Rochester (New York) and Boston for 9 years total...I'm totally a cold weather kind of guy. As I'm typing this, I have the air con on. Today velly velly hot lah!!!

    1. You are telling me Ronian!

      I really missed the 4 seasons :(

      My flat no air-con. Only air-come (fan). LOL!

      No worries. I'm planning a trip back to Shanghai this winter. Must get my "cold" junkie fix ;)

  2. Got anyone fishing there at the Jetty?

    1. CW8888,

      No one fishing... Only found the fisherman repairing his net in my picture.

      In fact, it was generally "quiet".

      I'll go back for my long walks again. I add it to my many walking routes ;)

      It does not have the same "buzz" like in East Coast I guess due to the lack of a view. But the tracks are great for running and cycling. Lot's of greenery.

      I'll check out Punggol walking trail the next time.

  3. Just came back from the Canadian Rockies where the the temperature ranged from 0 to 15 deg C. Feeling damn hot now. The sceneries are fantastic and the air felt so fresh and cool.

    However, I feel at ease and relaxed back home in Singapore after the long break from routine. Singapore is definitely the place I would call home.

    BTW, the view from the jetty was the source of my wealth ... Oil Rigs! Do you know that Sembmarine and Keppel FEL build more than 70% of jack up rigs worldwide?

    1. Welcome back YJ72!

      Yes I do ;)

      The offshore marine is in the limelight for quite a few years now.

      It's interesting how Sembawang and Keppel reinvented themselves from a sunset ship-building industry (taken over by the Koreans and Chinese) to what it is today - giant conglomerates with spin-offs in property, infrastructure, utilities, offshore marine, and what not?

      Who said Singaporeans not entrepreneur and creative? People just want to see sexy consumer stories like Apple.

      Glad you and your family hit the jackpot with your "dirty" and "unglam" business - just ask graduates who only want to work in sexy investment banking...



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