Friday, 22 June 2012

Heart Of Gold - Neil Young


Talking about gold, let us not forget what's really important in our lives.

Let us not dwell on pettiness and small minds. How else to explain the perverse voyeurism nowadays of shooting inconsequential scenes with our ubiquitous hand-phones and posting them on-line?

I hope those who take glee in the mocking and embarrassment of others can pause for a while and reflect - how would you feel if in a role reversal, others filmed you in your own moment of weakness?

If we can't do good, the very least we can do is do no evil.

Have a heart of gold.



  1. Well said, Jarred! I've been wondering about STOMP and all that as well. I keep thinking to myself "ok ok, don't get mad at that guy who just pushed me out of my spot at the MRT or else someone will STOMP me if I get punched by the guy!" Moment of weakness...sigh, I've got plenty of those!

    1. Ronian,

      Well, instead of Big Brother watching us, we now have many fellow citizens watching our every moves...

      I hope it's just a phase we will grow out from.

      Citizen journalism? Nah! It's smart media owner getting free content and buzz without hiring real journalists and PR specialists!

  2. thats why trading is so wonderful, no, not the money, is the searching for the heart of gold.

    you learn to lose money (win money everybody knows, the more the merrier haha) willingly and not just win win win.

    1. if every time you got upset when losing a trade, you know how far you are behind.

    2. you can make fun of others (winning), so long as others can make fun to you too (losing), thats life/trading.

    3. Coconut,

      I agree! If cannot take joke ourselves then don't make fun of others ;)

      I am slowly beginning to understand what you mean when you say it's not always about the money.

      The joy of discovering myself and understanding why I sometimes self-destruct is so illuminating.

      Sometimes losing money can be a good trade? I don't understand 100% yet; but I see glimmers of what you try to say :)

    4. think of the things you want to do without pay, like golf, jogging, and trading. more often you spend money but who cares.

      if you trade and not getting the same fun as in say golf, you are at the wrong side of the game.

      i trade heavily this week, as in every week. i would say 30% (roughly) are loser or break even. 70% are winner let say. if i don't chase the market or cutting losses, i would not have the 70% winning trades, they are all interwine.

      monday to thursday i lost slightly overall cos i'm short, today (friday) i make it all back plus some, thats how the game is play for me.

      so those 30% loser are not just unavoidable but are a neccessity. without the 30%, i can't make the other 70%.

    5. is like the casino saying, if we don't let them win a little, we will soon close shop.

    6. Coconut,

      That's great! Glad you made money :)

      I was a bit worried that my blog is distracting your trading activities. Especially when you post comments during the trading day.

      I love talking to you! Don't get me wrong. But keep your eyes on the road.

      We can always chat after market close ;)

    7. understand? the reason to chase the market and cutting losses is to protect my short positions, important is to keep intact my position so when the wind changes, i can then take some profit and hopefully add on to my short positions.

    8. understand the different between "chasing the market" vs "cutting losses"? i bet you want to know.

      they are my own terms, in an up market, chasing market is for the long positions and cutting losses is meant for the short positions. down market will be the opposite.

      they serve the same purposes, protection of my position.

    9. no problem, i need 100% concerntration during market open and close, the rest of the time can half asleep, almost auto pilot.

  3. Amen. I did not even bother to watch the video.

    1. AK,

      Good for you!

      Opps! I must do the same.



    2. Hi SMOL

      I realize that not sweating the small stuff and pettiness of this world requires a lot of self understanding and mindfulness. The more one understands one can change ones reactions to what we see, hear and sense, the more one realizes that truly all the pettiness will disappear if we do not give ion to it.

      That is something that I will be working on for the rest of my life :-) as I often get easily irritated in life and have a bad temper :-p

      Be well and prosper.

    3. Panzer,

      Mindfulness indeed!

      The journey of self-discovery is not so lonely when I have fellow travellers like you to cheer me on.


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