Thursday 3 March 2011

We invent work to escape the strain of having to think?

Found an interesting quote below.......  OK, OK.  I get the message.  Cannot idle anymore......  :(

M. Poirot:
I am, alas, a man of leisure. . . . I have made the economies in my time and I have now the means to enjoy a life of idleness. . . . I assure you, it is not as gay as it sounds. . . . How true is the saying that man was forced to invent work in order to escape the strain of having to think.
from Death on the Nile


  1. Hercule Poirot. An Agatha Christie creation. I like him, mon ami.

  2. Yes AK,

    Agatha stories are riveting. The forefather of today's CSI shows?


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