Tuesday 22 March 2011

Heaven is a place on earth

I need some cheering up to the events of recent weeks. I like this song from  Belinda Carlisle  - Heaven is a place on earth.

We just need Faith, Belief, and Hope. And time will heal all pains and sufferings.


  1. CH: Hi Jared, this is also my favorite song!! We grew up from the same era,man. Singapore 1135am.

  2. CH: Bryan Admas is another singer I like a lot for his soft rock or love ballads. Singapore.

  3. Ha ha! I'm born in 1967. Grew up together with Singapore. Child of the 70s and teenager of the 80s.

    Yes, Bryan Adams' (Everything I do) I do it for you - made lots of girls go weak in the knees during my time.

    Ah! It brings back fond memories of the many silly things I did to make the girls smile :)

  4. CH: Wo, same age! What a coincidence. Too many singers I like then, like you, Chinese and Western. Darl Hall and John Oats, Cars, Bee Gees, Air Supply, even Lobo!! Have a great day, Jared.


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