Monday 28 March 2011

Spring time in Athens.

On Sunday morning, I brought forward my clocks and watches by 1 hour due to day-light saving time practiced in Europe. Now Singapore is ahead by Athens by 5 hours.

Ah! That also means it is spring time now in Athens!

The flowers are blooming in the trees and shrubs, blue skies, and bright sun with “air-con” temperature outside – no wonder more people are starting to spend more time outdoors in the coffee shops.

In Athens, you can see many with their Frappe – the equivalent of our kopi peng!

As I struggled to work today, I can’t help but feel I should be outside in the parks having my Frappe and reading a book.

I’ve always had a lazy streak in me. I’ve never liked work. OK, work is fun when I am chatting up the pretty accounts girls (skiving!), or doing a project that interests me.

Yes, there were highs when I am recognized for my efforts, but I can’t always cherry pick and choose the projects all the time – sometimes I have to play fireman or nanny to ass-wipe the mess others have made.

But truth be told, I’ve created my fair share of mess and started more fires than I care to admit!!!  

I guess I’ve always counted on my “luck” and what I call “sparks of brilliance”.  It’s another way of saying I leverage on my past glories, and just before the mileage of the “halo effect” has petered out, I must sweat like a donkey to hit another “life-extension pass”.

It’s a bit like playing RPG games – before your life force or mana runs out, find a paladin or potion to heal quick quick!

When it comes to Paladin, it’s a mentor/master/boss/saviour who somehow takes an interest in me and my development. Never knew why. Maybe it’s due to my hair…. You know what they say about bald men… wink wink.

Sometimes I wonder whether it’s what I know or who I know that makes the difference!

With that, I will take this opportunity to thank once again my new found cyber friends who do make a difference to my journey. Perhaps it’s not so much the words you have written (criticism or compliment); but the act of showing you care ;)

Thank you bros!  (Now where are the sisters?)

Ah! Spring time in Athens….. Life is good!

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