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Sunday, 27 February 2011

My reservist days - from men to boys

During my reservist days in my 30s, I noticed one strange phenomenon.

Whenever we put on our green army uniform, somehow magically, we are transformed back to 18 years old!?

It does not matter whether we are balding, have difficulty buttoning the last button of our pants, or whether we are already married and father of kids….

This is especially for rank-and-file soldiers like us. Officials have to pretend to be more “grown-up”.     

This is very evident when we are sitting at the back of 3-tonners.  All of sudden, like never see girls before, we would wolf whistle any “mei mei” that pass us by. 

Some of the more sporting girls will smile and wave back.  Some were pretty shocked!!!  Imagine a bunch of “uncles”…..  Ha ha!

I love to tease some of the more “havoc” uncle soldiers.  “Eh!  You already father of two! Wait your wife or children see you like that how?”

Ah!  I miss my reservist days…….  It’s the only time in Singapore where we can sleep under the stars during field camps (great for astronomy fans).  Hate the mosquitoes and ants though.  Also pray hard that in the dark of the night, your buddies don’t do their “business” next to your basha!  Other than that, I am fine.

Memories are always much sweeter looking back.

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  1. This is so true for me not only during reservist. Even when I meet my old school mates for dinner and drinks, it seems that we morph and reverse growth. Back to reminiscing about days gone, telling old jokes and behaving young again. It's pretty nice actually.


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