Saturday, 1 January 2011

Why do I make new year resolutions anyway?

I never seem to achieve any of my past new year resolutions!  And this year is no different :(

1.  I still can't see my toes standing up - stomach blocking the view.

2.  The tomes of books I wanted to finish are still collecting dust - bloody TV's fault!

3.  Learn a new language - 2 years in Athens and my Greek vocabulary is still less than the count of my fingers.

New year resolutions for 2011?  The resolution is not to make any resolutions for 2011!  Let's see if this new year resolution will come true by end 2011!

Joy and happiness to all aimless people like me!


  1. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Gave up making new year resolutions as I realised I have never been able to keep them except for the real easy ones =)

    Have a wonderful year ahead.


  2. Yes, correctly.


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