Wednesday 29 December 2010

Missing you

Away from home for four years and more,
my heart yearns to reach your eastern shores.
Cycling along your curves in the gentle breeze,
in your warm embrace I shall forever squeeze.
Ah! How I miss you so!
Thinking of you shall never grow old.
For eternal is our sacred bond;
never mind even if I am vagabond.....
No distance shall tear us apart,
for you are always in my heart.
My Singapore! My Singapore!

A poem I wrote in my first year in Athens (2009) to celebrate National Day - after spending 4 years in Shanghai previously.


  1. I like this poem! Did you really write this or did you get inspiration from somewhere??? :)

  2. Ah ber then? My maiden effort :)

    OK, this phrase " thinking of you shall never grow old" is inspired from a chinese song or poem I've read somewhere. Can't remember where....

    I think it's better appreciated if we have been away from Singapore.

    Thank you for your kind words :)


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