Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Going home

Picture taken at Warsaw park Oct 2010. I missed home seeing all the families at the park.


The cold wind blows, and the autumn leaves flow
The swallow has flown, as the temple bell tolls.

Put not till tomorrow, the homeward path I shall follow
Eager is the lonesome fellow, to quench his homesick sorrow


Count down to 2 more days when I fly back to Singapore this Friday.  Can't wait!

The Chinese version came to me in a flash last night.  Took some effort to come up with the English version 20 minutes later.....  A bit clumsy with the translation though.

It's my first time writing Chinese poem, and also first time in translatting from Chinese to English.  Double virgins night? 


  1. Hi SMOL,

    Wow wow're a pro :)

    Welcome back to singapore!

  2. Ha ha! Pai Seh.

    Your my benchmark, you know!? Your recent posts have struck a strong chord with me.

    I am slowly removing the masks I've been wearing all these years. Time to let the heart roar!

  3. I am on my 9th year in foreign land. The day i return will be my retirement. There's nice saving.

    I am working as long as i could happy for you.

    I am thinking of more frequent travel instead ...

    Is your decision due to higher passive income ?

  4. Hello Cory,

    Thanks! I am merely having a make-over of my lifestyle. Focusing more on "play".

    I do have some passive income; but it's more that I am "low maintenance". My retirement is more budget airline kind.

    If I wait till retiring at 55, I could probably get economy retirement; but then I would have "lost" 10 years.... I am exchanging time for money.

    So glad to say hello to a fellow overseas Singaporean!


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