Sunday, 9 January 2011

When a man gets tied up to the ground

Photo taken at Greece's 2nd largest city Thessaloniki during Easter 2010.
It's a mooring by the waterfront

What's the saddest sound a man gives to the world when he's tied down to the ground?

No.  It's not the rants and complaints he makes; thrusting his fury at the world in desperation.

No. The saddest sound a man makes is the deafening silence of resignation.  When he hangs down his head and plods on.....

In the still of the night, when the mind is no longer able to suppress the true yearnings of the heart - the man sees his true self.

No, tonight there will not be silence of the lambs.  Tonight, the heart of the lion ROARS! 

And in the morning, the man smiles to himself in the mirror.


  1. Hi SMOL,

    A person that has no dreams is essentially dead. He may be young or he may be old, but his heart is dead. His flesh lingers on while his heart resigns - a pitiful sight.

  2. Just a small footnote. My prose above is not just about career or ambition.

    It's also about being in a relation that's going nowhere. The weight from a family's great expectations. And the pressures to fit-in from peers.....

    It takes courage and self-belief to say: "Honey, let's go our separate ways". "Dad, I don't want to follow in your footsteps to be a doctor. I want to do ballet". "Thanks mate! You guys go without me!"

  3. I've posted this prose in

    Below is one encouragement from USA:

    Jared an inspiring poem of a man who discovers he has 'resigned' himself to life as it is and upon finding his "yearnings" are not fullfilled he goes after them. "...Tonight the heart of the LION roars! and in the morning, the man smile to himself in the mirror. Wonderfully inspiring in emotions and going after ones own yearnings. Great motivational piece Jared, thank you. :)

    Macia Schechinger - USA


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