Tuesday 16 May 2023

Welcome Rain!


First of all, it's a colour photo; not black and white.

Can't tell you how happy I am to see the dark clouds over my balcony right now...

Especially after the recent 2-3 days of crazy heat!

Let it rip!

Please don't got sound and fury, then disappoint with a few drips...


  1. OK, not the torrential rain that I've hoped...

    But still, its welcomed to cool the air a bit!

  2. this morning saw dark cloud coming to my house with cooling wind, faster walk back home but endup no rain... After an hour, hot sun 🌞

    1. Sy,

      I also say!

      Weather these few days merely teasing us...

      Got thunder, got lightning.

      Just no rain!

      Air-con sales very good though in the weekends ;)

  3. just kaypoh asking...
    ur house floor so high, how is the view for sunrise & sunset? Nice? got pictures?

  4. Rain do helps in reducing the high temperatures.


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