Sunday 7 May 2023

Everyone Says Different Things - Who To Believe?


During my weekend sales gig, I sometimes get customers telling me it's all so confusing!!! 

Every sales promoter says different things!?

Who to believe???

These "confused" customers are bei kambings.

If you are knowledgeable and can think for yourself, of course you can separate the wheat from the chaff!. Wink.

Have you ever bought an item where you know more than the average sales promoters? 

Got right? 

You chuckle to yourself as you watch snake oils try to dissuade you from your purchase and switch to their brands instead...

Then there are also times when you walked into a store intending to buy Brand X, but you walked out with Brand Y!?

This only happens when you're new to a product category, no?

Then there are those customers who don't trust their own feet.

They go round asking sales promoters which brand is the most popular?

Others buy what, they buy what. 

Safety in numbers!

Then again, they are often the most confused customers too...

Every sales promoter will say their brand is the best selling!




  1. Lol.
    How about selecting the most expensive in the range? Must be correct since most expensive!
    Equipped with basic watch knowledge, saw a Patek Philippe Calatrava available for sale in dusseldorf watch shop. Told myself nay…must be a cold model. 😆 good stuff are rarely available on display at retail price in this flush with money world. I was right when i finally have time to check on it. FOMO can be financial destructive. Mindset must be trained

    1. AT_AT,

      Any noob selecting the most expensive in the range is a nouveau riche!

      No clue why or for what reasons they are paying more for...

      Just assumes most expensive must equal to quality or prestige???

      A connoisseur on the other hand would know "why" we are paying extra for an expensive piece.

      On the other hand, when an item is selling for "too low" a price, an aficionado would suspect it's either a fake or scam; and stay away....

      Bei kambings will gleefully bite hook, line, and sinker thinking they've got a bargain!?

      We see this repeat over and over again.

      You are right.

      Mindset must be trained ;)

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