Saturday, 2 July 2022

Take the Stairs? Really?


OK, maybe with the exception of cryptos...  

But you must know which floor to get OUT of the elevator!

The idea that with a small sum of $10K, we can be a millionaire in 4-5 years is very cool!

Then again, I can also take the Toto elevator too!

I mean just $1 Quick Pick gives me a chance to be a millionaire as well!

Although it has eluded me for the past 30 years... (not working out too well for me)

Normally, when we have dementia, most family members and relatives will shy away from taking care of you fulltime.

But if you are rich, alone, and have no dependents, all of sudden you find relatives "fighting" to be your legal guardian!?

I think some Singaporeans are taking a page out of that Mainland Chinese tour guide who discovered financial freedom just by calling someone, "Mommy!"

My sibling has just got his Lasting Power of Attorney done. I'm one of his donees.

OK, I better get my legal matters done up too; when I'm still lucid.

I don't want to be used as an elevator.

You never know when I'll capitulate and be totally besotted to a 18 year old when I'm in my 80s!!!


  1. We can even take ToTo elevator as a Group with those who are like-minded hope of becoming rich without risks or emotional rides

    1. CW,

      You socialist you ...

      Group is fine if we did not strike ...

      But hit jackpot 1 million must share with the group very boring leh!

      That's why when big daddy moving towards socialising CPF, I tell myself to take as much out as possible!

  2. Smol,

    Those proponents of "The Secret" (remember the 1990s?) will say that quote indicates lack mentality, scarcity mindset, not a millionaire mindset LOL.

    One thing I always wonder about donees & executors ... if they are about the same age as us, then as we age, we may need to find younger trustworthy people as replacements.

    If there's some form of "automated" solution like CPF nomination (ya I know you're not a fan of CPF lol).

    Of course there's the option of a legal firm or trust company as donees & executors, but $$$$$ lorr.

    "You never know when I'll capitulate and be totally besotted to a 18 year old when I'm in my 80s!!!"

    Worked out quite ok for that 89-yr old billionaire who married Anna Nicole Smith. He had a good last 14 mths of his life. Not so fun for his family & Smith though.

    1. Spur,

      Ah! The "If you think you can; you can!" & "Positive Thinking" acolytes...

      Try applying it to Investing or Trading.

      Oh! We already have! Its faith-based investing! Also known as Passive or Long Term investing. Wink.

      Dr Mahatir keeps outliving his donees and executors... Now that's a good problem to have!

      No. It's not done once and forget like Buy-and-hold. As our circumstances change, we may need to update our Wills and LPAs from time to time...

      Its a man thing. How would we like to go? Preferably with wine, women, and song!


  3. Ah .. u define success very broadly. Well. My first reaction reading the comic is "bullshit" there are people "dropping into" success. (Coporate scions)

    Elevator is still fair and square. U goes up very quickly but still passes every floor, some took firemen ladder, some use private lift that doesn't stop at every floor.

    But well, for those without the means and ability to keep ascending the stairs, we just have to take a stroll at various levels and take it as sight seeing.

    Since 人比人气死人

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I equal opportunity guy; I poke my own posts too!


      I don't believe we should only take the stairs when there are elevators around... Hello!?

      Hungry eat; tired rest.

      Don't overthink things.

      If I more handsome, I would marry rich too!

  4. I thought we have seen more real life examples of taking stairs to great height of success but taking elevator down when it failed badly at the top

    1. CW,


      Like a plane, there's taxi, take off, slow climb to high altitude.

      But once all engines fail at the same time, drops like a rock.

      The truth is the public often don't see the slow climb up the stairs when one is perfecting our craft.

      All they see is the "overnight" success.

      Or they prefer to pass it off as "luck" - "You lucky to have got that 10 bagger!"

      Is that a compliment? Who wants to know the salted fishes or panadols you have sucked all this while?



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