Thursday, 30 September 2021

We'll Drive Safer With A Big Spike On The Steering Wheel


I sometimes drop little nuggets while "talking male-chicken" in the comments section.

I know its a bit far-fetched, but this putting a big spike on the steering wheel is not made up! I stole it with pride from an article I've read in the past... (Yah, surprise! I read!)

I couldn't remember the source, but here's one link I found that's close enough. And the spike got an actual name!

Tullock Spike

You know why I use my real name at this watering hole? 

Its precisely I'm driving with a big spike on the steering wheel! (行不更名,坐不改姓) 

This way, I write as if I'm speaking in public. No, you not talking to a man with brown paper over his head. 

Unless you are an IT hacker who knows how to cover your digital trails, even if you use anonymous or made up nicks, if people want to get you, they can easily CSI you out!

We know what happens to those who stir shit in the internet, thinking there are airbags in front of them just by being anonymous or have fake nicks... 

Why do some Singaporeans obey the law in Singapore, but when overseas, have no problem littering or spitting? 

And this one most shepherds know. Why is it so difficult for get feedback from Singaporean employees at a company meeting, but at the water cooler, the same church mice Singaporean employees have no shortage of opinions about management? 

Now look at your own investing/trading/saving paths. 

Yes, even the so called "safer" Save More route is included!


Is it possible those who are on the Earn More path, who assumes there's a spike on the steering wheel, are more cautious than those on the Save More path who assumes nothing can go wrong with the supposed "safety" of airbags? 

Just ask those UK savers who had savings/fixed deposit accounts with Icelandic banks just because of a few percentages more in interest rates during 2008....

Of course we had our own Lehman minibond saga in 2008. I mean they were sold and distributed by reputable banks in Singapore, no? Not from some clickbaity internet scammy ads right?

And yes, don't make statements like if this company goes down, the whole of Singapore will go down too...

You are just putting an "exclamation mark" over your head to alert all the snake-oil wolves in the vicinity,

"Hello everyone! I'm a bei-kambing!"




  1. Smol,

    If spiky steering wheels are mandated then the fashionable driving jacket will be this lol.

    Your safe examples remind me of the Takata airbags which turn into claymore mines perforating scores of torsos & heads with shrapnel.

    Ok I'll say it: If DBS goes down, whole of Singapore will enjoy a more carefree & slow-paced lifestyle like Batam. 😁👍

    1. Spur,

      That's one strange looking armour!? That spike on the chest armour is basically telling your opponent no close contact fighting OK? I need my own personal bubble space... LOL!

      With airbags, those who forgot their secondary school physics may be embolden to drive even faster! If you drive at 150km/h and hit a tree, airbags or no airbags that wouldn't make any difference...

      The problem is Singapore too small. The only place to escape if we can't keep up with the high-paced lifestyle was Pulau Ubin. That sadly is coming to an end...

      If Singapore were to become like Malacca or Penang, other countries would be complaining about the horde of Singaporeans going to their lands and stealing their jobs!

    2. Smol,

      With less than 3M working S'poreans, I don't think other countries will feel any hording even if all SG working adults emigrate to find jobs ... unless all rush into a single city ;) ;)

      Btw, US currently has 11M job vacancies but only 8.7M unemployed (many of whom not really motivated to grab a job yet). At least 2.3M gap ... opportunities for down-and-out Sinkies to consider.

      Speaking of safer routes & saving path, another one of GIC's and Temasek's private equity bets IPO'ed a few hours ago in London.

      Gapped up 46% within 30min of opening.

      Wonder if GIC or Temasek harvested a bit of their holdings, like some other insiders?

      Ok, another statement:
      If GIC Pte Ltd or Temasek Holdings Ltd goes down, then whole of S'pore will go down too! :P :P

    3. Spur,

      When I were sourcing in Southern China, it was quite interesting to meet Hong Konger factory managers working in Shenzhen or Guangzhou and travelling back to HK during the weekends.

      What to do? HK has pivoted to services, and those still working in the manufacturing sector no choice have to cross the border for job opportunities...

      Glad Singapore still consider manufacturing "essential" for our economy ;)

      It was a similar tale with Taiwanese working at factories in China. Singaporean graduates will get a shock at the starting salaries of Taiwanese graduates in Taiwan... This is what happens when country no growth..

      Hence the more enterprising Taiwanese graduates would cross the Taiwan Straits to seek better fortunes in Mainland China.

      You don't frighten the CPF hoarders lah! Then again, if we had our own 1MDB event in Singapore... All bets are off!

      Singapore have to be 1-step ahead. Cannot relax. If not, we would become like Malacca...

      Singaporeans going to work in JB or Batam during weekdays and coming back during the weekends is not so far fetched. 30 years river east; 30 years river west.

      You're a wolf in sheep's clothes. When snake-oils come to you thinking you're an easy meal, you'll do "black eat black"!


  2. Smol,

    Danger is immediate with the spike directly facing one.

    It will be a blessing in disguise.


    1. WTK,

      Those who walk while playing with their phones probably assume there are no spikes in front of them...


  3. How did traders blow out their accounts? No big spike on their computer screen?

    1. CW,

      No seat belts. No airbags. No metal spikes.

      Nah! If I think I can, I can!

      What can go wrong?

      Then again...

      Even if we are the most defensive drivers, what can we do if a drunk driver were to drive into our lane?

      Or a tree just fell onto us in a thunderstorm?

      I've been wrong, but made money...

      I've been right, but lost until...

      The Earn More path is not about study harder or working harder...

      Those who want certainty would prefer the Save More path ;)

    2. Smol,

      Can Earn More and Save More path be adopted concurrently? If yes, what will be the outcome?


    3. WTK,

      I never say don't save.

      Our 5,000 years of Chinese wisdom encourages Earn More, THEN Save More - 开源节流.

      100% savings rate on ZERO income is...

      I've never heard of a country, company, family, or person who prospered through "austerity".

      A person earns $5K per month and saves 10%.

      If he can double or triple his income, even if his savings rate remains the same as 10%, his dollars saved has increased in tandem ;)

      Or would you rather have your income be stagnant at $5K per month, and increase you savings rate to 20% or 30%?

      Both example, the savings in dollar amounts are the same. But the lifestyle completely different!

      If you girl, who you rather marry?

      Earn More is a lot harder...

      If we discover we are kiwis (can't fly), oh well...

      There's always Save More ;)


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