Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Where is the Capital of Japan?


My sales colleague was so eager to troll me yesterday by asking me that question.

What would you have answered?

Of course I answered, "Tokyo."

"Wrong!" my colleague trolled excitedly. "Japan has no capital city!"


He showed me this "official" source:

Tokyo is not the capital of Japan


What would be your response?

If it said so in the internet, it must be so!

Especially if its written by a Japanese himself!

You in turn go round parroting this new found "knowledge"; trolling others in turn?

Look! You all are idiots! I so very de smart!

Let me ask you another question.

Who's your mom?

If your mom divorced your dad and she remarried someone else, does that mean she's no longer your mom?

How about if your were adopted?

Or if your dad got you another step-mom when he remarries? 


Stupid right?

I "schooled" my sales colleague that Tokyo is the de facto capital of Japan lah!

In Japan, where the Emperor lives, that's where the capital is. (All those hours reading manga and watching anime finally paid off!) 

Girls, try this on your boyfriends if you brave.

Ask him, "Where is the capital of Singapore?"

Majority will reply that make you go, "I'll have to spend the rest of my life with him?"

Then once in a while, you'll get the rare gems....

"The capital of Singapore is in my heart. That's where I find you too..."  

That's why most literary writers and poets may look like toad, but they sure can impress the panties of girls real quick!



  1. 说什么你都不信,

    Once you move your house, buy I have not updated your IC, effectively your house is not your house, because it is not recorded in the IC and hence not according to law.

    1. 我只要你说你爱我,

      Man and woman really different.

      Man: Its all understooded! Why must I still say it out loud???

      Woman: Tell me... Tell me... C'mon, share with me lah!


  2. It is like going to a job interview and being given a seemingly easy/obvious question to answer without thinking things through.

    As soon as the words leave our mouth - oh crap.

    1. Kevin,

      HR asks, "Do you like to work hard?"

      You instinctively replied, "No."


      What you meant is you prefer to work smart!

      That came out all wrong... Idiot!

      HR just sits there and enjoy you squirm and sweat to get out of the hole you've just dug for yourself ;)


  3. Hi SMOL,

    If my boyfriend answers it correctly, I will know for sure he has read your blog. Lol

    1. Rainbowgirl,

      Give chance OK?

      Especially if he's not from the Arts stream ;)

      And if he's from the Arts stream, don't short-change him. He's likely to be more "mouth flower flower" than me ;)

      Where got need to "steal with pride" from me?

      Enjoy your youth!


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