Thursday 13 May 2021




  1. LOL!

    My bad.

    Forgot most Singaporean Chinese - our cheena is "limited company"...


  2. Hi SMOL,

    I am part of the 99% who 猜不出. Not smart enough to even make a guess.

    Just dropping by to send you good wishes on your 2nd vaccine injection next week, if I remember correctly. It is timely in light of the latest Covid development in Singapore. I heard side effects are usually stronger on 2nd injection. Take care.

    1. hyom,

      Thanks! This time I'll be well prepared!

      Panadol before and after ;)

      And sleep early!

      The first time I was too nonchalant; the last time I got a vaccination was in primary school I think!

  3. Replies
    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Hey! My first response was the same answer as you ;)

      When people asks me, "What is 5 + 8 = ?"

      I would say 13! (The math quiz last time was so funny!)

      Similarly, when people asks me, "爸爸姓什么?“

      My answer would be, "My dad's surname is the same as mine!"

      Although I think both our answers are more elegant, that's not the "official" answer.

      I got the official answer after thinking about it for a while.

      I remembered the old play with punctuations - 无鱼饭也好.

      Depending on where we put the comma, the meaning totally changes ;)

      Its the same misdirection trick.

      Once we write 99% can't get it, it will encourage 2 responses:

      1) Some will give up immediately. (If others can't, I also can't!)

      2) Encourage overachievers and try-hards to think too much and get it wrong!


    2. Slept early to wake up at late hour to buy groceries and avoid the crowds. I thought of a logical answer while walking back from Sheng Siong. May not be right, but it sounds logical.

      Number 1 son's name is 叫修养. Number 2's name is 叫素养. Number 3's name is 叫涵养. So, father's name is 叫.

      Without your hint, I don't think I can think of this.

    3. hyom,

      You got it!

      That's the official answer :)

      Now you belong to the 1% !!!

    4. Those who got the answer without any hints belong to the 1%. You belong to the 1%:)
      I got the answer with helpful hint from you. Cannot count as part of 1% but the pleasure of getting an answer to a puzzle is good enough for me :)

    5. hyom,

      Glad you had fun!

      Part of the pleasure of trading is the intellectual "exercise" of the brain.

      I see it as one giant MMO (massive multiplayer online) game ;)


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