Tuesday 11 February 2020

Trust But Verify

Short term, the stock market is a voting machine; long term, its a weighing machine.

We apply the same logic to people we date, work, and do business with.

Some people make a great impression first time we meet them. But alas, over time, we discover they KNS...

What we say or do is weighed by others.

This post has no meaning whatsover unless it appears on top of that post at:

Singapore Investment Bloggers

Edit: Not sure whether its the aggregator (you owe me a drink) or the blogger realised his folly, that blog post has been taken down. 

My post has served its purpose.

In this difficult time, let's not cause further alarm or panic to the public.


  1. Hi SMOL,

    For a moment, I was curious as to who you were referring to....then I said to myself nevermind.

    I've already made up my mind sometime back to reduce exposure to noise in the blogosphere.

    To appropriate Shakespeare's words:

    It is a blog post. Told by none-the-wisers. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Although our community is niche and not mainstream, we still need to be responsible to what we blog and post online.

      Now that the post has been taken down, no harm; no foul :)

      Peace to the realm has been restored.

  2. temperament,

    What change of topics!?

    OK, I'll bite.

    By the same logic, what's your take on Lao Lee?

    Is Singapore a democracy then?

  3. temperament,


    I thought why all of sudden want to engage me in US politics?

    I can one. Sex, religion, politics, no problem at this watering hole!

    I'm not a bleeding heart, and like you, I'll just "siam" those I have nothing in common.

    But in these times, I'll do a bit of public service and poke when its called for...

    What's interesting is that the financial markets completely "ignored" the "hot news" from Shanghai that the blogger monkey see, monkey spread.

    It goes to show most traders and investors know how to Trust But Verify ;)

  4. Smol,

    Why trust but verify? It's more peace of mind to be immune and ignore all the "noise". Peace of mind is the way to go as per my perspective.


    1. WTK,

      Flat earth believer alert!

      Just joking ;)

      The alternative is whatever others say, you believe?

      No, you prefer the Ostrich approach ;)

  5. temperament,

    Of course no need to Trust But Verify if we already know the answer - or have our minds made up ;)

    Physical gold in large amounts is negative yield. We need to pay for storage, security, insurance, etc...

    Of course we can lend gold out to earn some yield, but that's more institutional kind of transactions.

    With your experience in bucket shops, of course you knew your relative is an idiot - kenna conned by others still don't know - still want to help others make money?

    Of course he didn't share for every new "idiot" he introduced to the MLM scam, he'll get handsomely rewarded. Shh...

    Trust But Verify is used when we ourselves are not sure of the answer.

    For eg, if any religious people knock on my door and share the good news that the Earth is only 10,000 years young, I would laugh my head off and gently close the door while recommending the neighbour next block who believes the Earth is flat - he'll believe anything!


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