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Thursday, 20 February 2020

College Degree Of The Rich

I had a good laugh!


  1. The obvious I think many already knew.

    I'm quite impressed with those who can become richest dispite their higher educations...

    Now that's quite a feat!

    Universities can only teach one how to be shepherds or stewards ;)

  2. I second that we should never let our time at university interfere with our education.
    With the half-life of skills having dropped from 20+ years during the 90s to now barely 5 years what's the purpose of a degree that takes you 4 years to acquire? Most of the knowledge might be obsolete by the time one starts work.
    The only purpose of university should be to teach the methods of learning (unlearning and relearning). A bit more focus on core-life skills (what others often refer to as soft skills) might not be harmful either.

    1. Andy,

      In the words of Godfather 3, our ships sail together ;)

      You'll be surprised how many have no clue what's the purpose of having an education!

      Lao Lee got his priorities right during his univeristy days in UK ;)

      He got married.


  3. Smol,

    All depends on one's flexible approach in which education is a small portion.


    1. WTK,

      5,000 years of Chinese wisdom says the teacher can only help us over the threshold; the rest and beyond will have to depend on our own cultivation ;)


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