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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

You are not a Tree

I suspect the HK 1997 emigration wave 2.0 may happen soon enough.

Those of you around middle-aged, I'm sure you know of cases where some of your old childhood neighbours, classmates, or colleagues have already emigrated overseas.

I quite like Singapore. Very safe and comfortable. Too bad no 4 seasons. That's the thing I missed most.

But then again, I'm not a vegetable. I'm mobile. 

I have a citizen of the world mindset.  So I guess its all good?


  1. Hi smol

    Me worry the riots happen in hk will become bigger like last time.
    Thats why me not going to buy any stock now. Me scare scare...
    I like about Spore for the safe & security reason that i like most.
    i also like it stable & systematic.
    Of cos i am not tree but i really can't move much... too bad lor :)

    1. Sy,

      The May 1998 riots of Indonesia left a deep impression on me. I was very upset that the ang moh expats working in Indonesia were "evacuated" to Singapore, while the local colleagues were still working!?

      I guess that how our founding fathers discovered and felt during WW2. Hence the seeds of independence were planted...

      I also remembered reflecting thank goodness we have NS and a strong Army in Singapore!

      I hate to break it to you. If you can't move, you're a tree or vegetable...

      But its OK.

      Just as long you can find a good gardener to take care of you ;)

      We have a good garderner for the past 60 years since 1959.

    2. Me not tree, i dont mind become flower... hehehe
      Here have things i like, so i can say i am lucky that i found a good gardener!
      Hope in future also same as my nephew n niece can enjoy like what i enjoy :)

    3. Much better... thanks :)

  2. The problem with HK, is that it is a riot. Not just a protest anymore.
    In many countries, like France, protests or strikes are a normal part of life. People just live around it, and for most part, it is safe.

    And well... many SGians don't understand protests/strikes, that's why they are beh kambings.

    1. ERSG,

      Ah yes, strikes and protests are deep in the DNA of French citizens - and rightly so.

      The values and institutions from the French Revolution still domninate French politics till today ;)

      We had our share of strikes and protests in the 50s during the fight for independence from British rule, and the struggle with the communists.

      Then there were the Hock Lee bus and racial riots...

      We are definitely not immuned.

      If I can afford a place of my own, got a job that pays the bills with leftover for extras like overseas trips, feel safe walking the streets, and my opinions are valued and respected - why on earth would I want to take part in any protests?

      If the average Singaporean can't afford a HDB flat, can't be gainfully employed, feel marginalised - look out below!

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Trees are not that helpless too. They grow roots, tighten the soil, fallen leaves converted to fertilizers, more plants grow, herbivores come to graze, carnivores come to eat, water transpiration from leaves create a humid environment, resulting in more rain, rain creates river and transform the land, making it more habitable for everyone, including the tree itself.

    I'll be honored to be labelled a tree and transform the very soil I am inhabited to make it better for everyone, including me!

    1. LP,

      Growers of trees, vegetables, and flowers have a relatively "easier" time - they stay put. Even if you come to them with axes or other sharp harvesting tools.

      Its a lot costlier when we have cattles - need to hire cowboys and horses.

      While sheep herders can hire child labour shepherds at a much lower price, these boy shepherds are no match for bigger and better armed cowboys - when it comes to feuds and wars between sheep herders and cattle ranchers...

      Both groups feel they are entitled to the grazing rights of the same grassland.

      All of us are descendants of ancestors who are mobile.

      Either life was unbearable back home, or they were seeking a better life where the opportunities are ;)

  4. Hi SMOL,

    This reminded me of the time when Captain Owl was quite indignant about some forms of social inequality in our society.

    I told him to vote with his wealth. The threat of investment outflow from a man of substance does not require any more to be said.

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      We can be hypocrites.

      When the pin pricks our own skin, we'll sing another tune...

  5. I can only hope for a good Gardener... Sigh...until the pain cause us to be seeds to be dispersed... ...

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      We can't control who will be our gardener, but at least we got some influence.

      And if sitting on the nail proves too much to bear, then its better we move.

      Unless we are a tree, vegetable, or flower ;)

  6. Some people have more family responsibilities than others. Who's going to take care of the aged parents if they emigrate?

    Some of us may not be as mobile as we think.

    1. hyom,

      There's 2 perspectives.

      One is WHO we really are - without telling little lies or excuses to ourselves.

      The other one is a conscious choice - like me choosing to come back and not being able to be "mobile" for the next 20 years

      I not "mobile" for the next 20 years does not mean I'm not mobile ;)

      One is the me outside influences cannot change.

      The other is a decision.

      And its one reason why most people (especially weak managers) analyse and "plan" a lot - to avoid making a decision ;)

  7. Yesterday my colleague told me his manager avoid making decision.
    Me also having the same issue.
    Their are much higher post than us yet avoid making decision then how they want to lead us small ranking 1???

    1. Sy,

      Higher pay and status, more to loose mah...

      Never heard of: do more, wrong more?

      So if we never make a decision, then we don't have to do anything, so we cannot be blamed for mistake mah!

      Managers don't lead, they arrow.

      I've been lucky to work under leaders before.

      Leaders lead.

      They don't do SMART goals, don't plan up till 2 decimal places.

      They like to share their Vision - which is synomymous with sharing their dreams to us.

      They are dream chasers ;)

  8. Those top 20% richest Hkers most likely have another passport standby already. They confirm not tree 😂
    Why do you think I buying property oversea?

    1. WolfT,

      OK, I'll bite.

      Thanks for telling us you're part of the 20% ;)

      Those who know our Chinese heritage will know there's an idiom about rabbits having more than one burrow:


      What more about us humans?



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