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Thursday, 7 November 2019

Control Kids


  1. They called it the superman's eye look.
    Many time, people confuse between Discipline and Guidance.
    Many only provide the former but did not provide the latter.
    Many(most) none...

    1. WolfT,

      Seeing how some young children behave on buses, MRT, and during my weekend sales gig, I'll say quite a few of the younger parents have "lost control" over their children...

      Its hilarious - if only its not sad at the same time - to see how these young children are manipulating their clueless parents.

      Guidance is good.

      But don't talk "guidance" when parents are cluelss on how to discipline their children.

      When there's no consequences, "guidance" is just another one of those little lies we tell ourselves to cover up for incompetence or lack of responsibility as parents...

  2. It is all about freedom.

    Working adults seek financial freedom to avoid control by bosses so as parents they grant their kids freedom to avoid unnecessary parental control.

    Same same. :-)

    1. CW,

      Sure it is ;)

      Instead of teaching their own kids what's right and wrong, and/or how to protect themselves in the real world, when things go horriblly wrong - guess who these parents will blame?

      Strong parents will bring up strong children.

      Weak, can't make it parents will...

      Its never about grades or what schools we went to ;)

    2. Hi smol,

      In my experience, strong parents bring up weak children. By 'strong' I mean people who do everything so efficiently and well, that they can't stand people who do it slowly and worse than them. They ended taking over the job.

      In bringing up children, my philosophy is to be weak at times to let the kid take over and 'help' me. I always ask him to help me do this and that. Some small age appropriate task like bringing shoes to me, throwing his own diaper and so on. Eventually he will help me ta Bao food lol!

    3. LP,


      Your "weak" is the same as my "strong".

      We both had in mind a similar parenting style, but we just happen to choose a different adjective ;)

      That's why I often poked one should never get trapped by words.

      Notice when I used "strong" and "weak", I was writing in a conversational style with Spur?

      You have to write in paragraphs when your "strong" is cannot let go, while your "weak" meant empowering ;)

      You are a rare one. Most science and engineering guys can't do "woman speak" - one word can mean anything and many things at the same time! LOL!

      We literature guys no problem since we know grey is also all the colours of the rainbow combined :)

      No wonder 小黄蓉 fell for you ;)

  3. What many ancient societies already know (but hard to implement):-

    Kids' Self-Control Is Crucial for Their Future Success

    Wonder if anyone remembers the famous ongoing 40+ year Dunedin study?
    (Btw, it has the steepest residential road in the world --- your legs will look like Hulk's if you can cycle up it!!! LOL!!!)

    More about children's "X factors" for success as told by the Dir of the Dunedin Research Unit to Nat'l Institute of Education

    1. Spur,

      Self-control is the building block for discipline.

      Discipline can be beaten into us from outside (here's looking at you big daddy), but self-control is something we either have, or don't.

      Can be something "simple" as don't drink while you drive.

      Or say no to drugs.

      Don't take upskirt pictures of girls.

      And don't touch! (Broken considered sold. What you thinking of?)

      Lack of self-control or discipline when it comes to investing or trading, I think we all know how damaging it has cost us all...

      Crash got sound.

      And I had lots of crashes!



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