Monday, 19 August 2019

This is what makes Singapore different!

We do take action on the long term future of Singapore.

I just watched Mr Pinky's national day rally speech on Youtube. (Yesterday night working lah)

Compared to the some other countries where its max 2 terms - while I'm in office - kind of "planning" - got to say it feels warm in the belly we do care about what happens to our little red dot even 100 years into the future!!!

I know most people will say its long term planning that got us where we are.

Sure it is...

If you are in your 50s and above, I think you knew better. Wink.

Was it "long term" or "strategic" planning that got you where you are today?



As for those in your 30s and below, don't worry too much with the semantics. I'm playing with words again. 

Then again, play is how young animals and us, when we were young, learn and prepare for adulthood.  

You'll know the answer when you know! When you grow older... 

Well, there must be some benefits to maturity! No?

But I can give you a little hint.

The global warming and rising sea level threat is 100 years into the future. Big daddy has already built a polder (reclaimed land stolen with pride from the Netherlands) at Tekong island for some "crash got sound" real life experience. 

I'll leave it to you to decipher whether that's action or planning.

To those FIRE chasers and financially free dreamers who "catch no ball" what I say between the lines, where's your polders?




  1. For those FIRE in 30s or 40s , may have enough time to build polder

    1. CW,

      Yes, they have all the time in the world but most will not get their fingers or feet wet.

      In their late 50s or 60s, only then when there's a BIG hole-in-the-heart, and trying to make up for lost time, start taking up one bei kambing course after another... (Just look out for those "lau kok kok" newbies that attend free investing/trading workshop previews)

      Believing the "instant" solutions peddled by vested interests...

      Sure, these snake oils wake up every morning with the dream of making OTHERS rich!

      Those minority in their 30s or 40s who built their own polders (trust but verify for themselves by getting their fingers and feet burnt), will know better than to "invest" thinking someone will bail them out ;)

      That's why I applaud youths who know their strength is not knowing what cannot be done!

      Do first!

      Beg for forgiveness later ;)

  2. Hi SMOL,

    Tell me about it!

    I already foresee a few upcoming train wrecks in the blogosphere.

    I got my emergency fund, meta-emergency fund, off-balance sheet assets, and investable cash and I still think it is not enough!

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Its better to be lucky than smart.

      What luck to start your investing journey during 2009 than from 2017!

      Especially if you are in your 60s and fresh from your retirement.

      All these years you HAVE NOT built a single polder, yet after one seminar or workshop, you are super energised and believed you know everythig there is when it comes to polders and reclaiming land from the sea...

      But if one is in our 20s or 30s, then again, the best start to our investing journies is to lose everything we got.

      So no, its not a train wreck if one survives it ;)

      Its a rite of passage.

    2. Hi SMOL,

      Why are you so optimistic with the recovery rate of youngsters?

      I am already expecting that one young blogger will get utterly destroyed (not just the blogger.....but the blogger's family as well....).

      Really feel like grabbing that blogger by the shoulders and shaking the blogger out of it.

    3. Unintelligent Nerd,

      He not you; you not him.

      We need to walk our own paths.

      Have inspirations to be an Indian Chief? Go join big daddy's party ;)

      You can't tell the future, can you?

      Wait Bitcoin shoots up to $100K; he and his family will be staying in landed property lamenting his peasant peers just don't have the guts to go all-in on their convictions ;)

      All talk (lots of goals and plans); no action :(

      Why my optimism?

      Youths, how much can they lose?

      Would you prefer to lose everything in your 30s or in your 60s?

      If youths can't recover from setbacks, that means they were made of glass in the first place...

      Better to know what you are made of early so you chop fingers and never touch "investing" ever!

      Stick with earn more and save more. Be an employee sheep and rise to shepherd is not so bad. Is it?

    4. Hi SMOL,

      Not that guy lah!

      To borrow your term, I'm referring to a youth that is made of glass.

    5. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Its just an example ;)

      Unless that youth is your immediate family member, why should he listen to you?

      Would you listen to a well meaning stranger telling you not to "waste" your money on collecting coins that don't yield any income?

      He throws the Rich Dad Poor Dad book definition of what is an "asset" at you?

      Focus on ourselves first.

      Only when we are strong and healthy, then we can help others ;)

  3. Sigh! There are trainers targeting retirees and near-retirees who are obviously under-capitalized to make a difference to their retirement income.

    1. CW,

      Its taking advantage of retirees "bei kambings" who aren't familiar with Modern Portfolio Theory where you take less risks as we get closer to retirement...

      What? Capital below the minimum PC requirement for your desired lifestyle?

      No problem! Just ignore investment grade bonds and go for high yield (junk) bonds instead! Higher yields can make up for your lack of capital!!! (Just don't tell them about Swiber or Hyflux)

      Eh? Your capital lagi even small to afford bonds meant for accredited investors?

      I got your back!

      Invest in dividend stocks! 1 lot = 100 shares. What entry barrier? Not enough we can use margin to turbo boost our dividend income. From zero newbie to carry investor. Easy! No worries mate!

    2. Risk parity? Leverage your safe govt bonds! :)

      2X leveraged long treasuries

      3X leveraged long treasuries

      Note the -50% drawdown from mid-2016 to late-2018 for the 3X etf when markets were pricing in continuous Fed rate increases.

      But moonshot if negative rates & QE 4 or 5 starts! Kekeke!!

    3. Spur,

      You're a man of culture. A gentleman who knows his "bonds" ;)

      Risk parity, in the hands of Ray Dalio, has worked wonders!

      But for those who were "sold" bonds are much "safer" than equities, so its "safe" to use leverage to juice returns...

      Anyone who uses leverage or margin must first get their risk and money management techniques down pat.

      Even millionaires and billionaires have lost tens to hundreds of millions when their brokers/banks closed their leveraged positions to realised all the losses when they didn't top up their margin calls...

      Some of these millionaires can turnaround and sue their banks when not happy with the losses. Now say they were "bei kambings" and were "sold" products unfit to their needs...

      Those lawsuits in 2009 and 2010 were interesting reads ;)

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I always think that the govt need an perfect excuse to reclaim land, climate change it is!
    All of my polders are consist of Rolex watches nia. Pls hor.. don't tax me in the pretext of building that actual polder. LOL

    1. WolfT,

      Since Raffles' time, we have been doing land reclaimation leh...

      The only "excuse" we need is population growth ;)

      10 million anyone?

      Ah! A Singapore Rolex Club member!

      Surely you would know Singapore is quite tax friendly to everyone - especially to landowners like yourself!


    2. 出师有名 ley.. if not how to explain to everyone for buying so much sand. Lol



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